Rejuiced custard £1.25

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Found a bug in my tobecco Coil!

Brand new coil. Loaded and primed. Hit the fire button and all there was was a crackling with a God awful smell. I thought I was burning the cotton, so I took it apart to see, and there it was laying on the top of the coil. I freaked the heck Out! No idea what kind of bug it was. I should have taken a pic but didn't really think about it til now. Has this ever happened to anyone else ? It makes me wanna puke thinking about all the priming puffs I took !

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6 months cig free – wanna know how much money I’ve saved?

It dawned on me this afternoon that today, August 14th, is my 6 month anniversary of quitting cigs and beginning vaping. I quit because 1.) I'm the frugal kinda chick, who would prefer to pay my rent on time than burn my cash in an ash tray, 2.) I was sick of smelling like an ash tray, 3.) I was sick of not being able to breathe well. I didn't want to quit because 1.) I'm a nicotine addict, 2.) all my friends smoke, 3.) quitting is hard as hell.

All aforementioned statements in mind, vaping seemed like a perfect alternative. I'm now 6 months in, and decided to do a little calculating on how this new habit has affected my checkbook…

My rough estimates are: $185 USD in mods, tanks, coils, & batteries $280 USD in <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice = $465 USD

My rough estimate on cig purchases over a 6 month timespan: $8 USD/pack 1 pack a day =$1,460

TL;DR – I've saved about $1,000 by switching to vaping over the course of 6 months. I guess I'll use that money during my two-week trip to Greece at the end of the month! 😉

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Where are these fake 25R’s being sold? I don’t know.

I received a pile of them from several awesome vapers willing to send them to me. They've been using these batteries for up to months and purchased them from several vendors.

These fakes are often created in one quick batch and dumped on the market. The counterfeiters then disappear before anyone finds out that the batteries are fake.

Identifying the vendors, even if I knew who they were, would be problematic because some will not have the fakes in stock anymore. Any vendors who do will hopefully remove them.

Just as additional info… I purchased a pair of Samsung 25R's from three vendors recently for my performance testing of the 25R (checking if there has been a performance drop over time…there hasn't). All six batteries were genuine and performed as well or better than previous 25R's I have tested.

These vendors were Illumn, IMRBatteries, and Liion Wholesale (in alphabetical order).

There are a large number of other vendors who stock genuine 25R's though! Check my Facebook pinned post for a list of my trusted vendors or speak to your vendor of choice about this issue if you have any concerns.

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