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OBS tanks, ACE, Engine and Crius.

Hi everyone!

Today I have seen a few tanks by OBS available for a great price-

First the OBS engine, which comes with the RBA section for just £11.31-

Next, in 1 hour and 40 minutes the OBS Engine will be dropping in price to £16-

Finally, a tank I love and is one of my firm favourites, the OBS Crius, for just £10.81-…

OBS tanks, ACE, Engine and Crius.

Dripworx Halloween promo 20% off

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Whilst browsing the Dripworx site……………


UK liquids, USA liquids, Cotton and Coils

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Ijoy maxo quad 18650 mod going chirpy chirpy….

I know some on here expressed an interest in this mod when it's release was announced. Don't know if it's available cheaper anywhere else but this seems a good price.

Well its seems to be going at a good price on gearbest at the moment like the middle of the road song.
In red and yellow colours the price is down to £34.55 when you use discount code "vcmaxo" at checkout.
Also available in blue for a couple of quid more….

<a href="”>Ijoy maxo quad 18650 mod going chirpy chirpy….

Fumytech Windforce RTA, Snowwolf 218W mod, deals at gearbest.

Hi everyone.

Today the Fumytech windforce RTA is on flash sale at gearbest, for £22.43, fairly cheaper than other sites (I have seen it for as high as $72.99 on one site).

Hope if anyone is looking for an RTA this might fit the bill :).

Then the Snow wolf 218W mod, use the code Snowwolf218W to get it for $85.99, or about £70 (I used a dollar to pound converter to find the price in pounds)…

<a href="”>Fumytech Windforce RTA, Snowwolf 218W mod, deals at gearbest.

Using MtL as a means of quitting?

Since starting vaping, I have always been sub-ohm and satisfied with large clouds. I am currently at 3 mg and have been working on quitting. With a new little one coming early next year I committed myself to quitting by the end of the year.

All my recent <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice orders have been 1.5 or 0 so i can have a supply of <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juice to last me till the end of the year and step down as gracefully as i can in that time. One of the ideas I came up with today was to trial run a MtL setup tomorrow at current nicotine levels and see how I do. I built a 1 ohm single coil on my avocado running at 16 watts on my cuboid mini.

Tomorrow I plan to put away my rx200 and griffin 25 just take my cuboid setup to work and see how I do throughout the day. I closed the airflow to nearly nothing and get a decently fulfilling draw off of it. I know most MtL vapers use much higher nic levels but the goal is to wean myself off the nic all together so I felt like i should stay at the current nic levels.

Am I crazy for trying this? Maybe. Will it work? I hope so. Has anyone else out there attempted something like this? Anyone care to weigh in on my idea?

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Vaping in Australia – really only 0mg?

I am off for a holiday in Australia next month, and I have been horrified to find out that vaping nicotine is illegal there. I wanted to ask if there are any Aussies here, and what their experience has been so far.

I am mainly interested in how strictly this is enforced, I plan on filling a couple of 0mg bottles with my favoured 12mg <a href="<a href="”>eliquid_c_7.html”>juices. I am also interested to find out how vaping is perceived over there, I am not going to be blowing massive clouds, and I will stick to smoking areas, but am I likely to encounter negativity?

I am flying to Sydney via Malaysia, quite possibly the least vape friendly holiday ever. Will be building a stealth coil before I go for sure – I may have to dig out my old kayfun and enjoy some MTL action for a couple of weeks. It's not all that practical stealth vaping with a mage RTA or Kennedy RDA.

What is going on Aus? You guys are so anti smoking, it seems ridiculous to also ban what is looking like the most efficient cessation device ever created.

On a side note, any good flavours for the beach? Something tropical and cooling would be nice.

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