How often rotate battery sets (18650)?

Hey y'all. Ok, So I have an rx300 and a gx350. I have 4 married sets of 4 batteries: 2 sets of LG HD2C, a set of Sony VTC5as, and a set of LG HB4s. So, I use my HD2Cs when I'mat work and my VTC5as at home to preserve them and enjoy them the most. I want to enjoy my VTCs, so I don;t use them at work, then go hard with them at home. But my HD4s, I don't enjoy them that much. I do know that will be be the best for certain applications, but I am not at that level yet with my building.

So, I…

<a href="”>How often rotate battery sets (18650)?

sub zero STYLED kit £21.99

saw this kit on vaping101 seems a good price to me

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£21.99 plus £2 P&P

Broken Cuboid? Try Arctic Fox firmware. It worked!

Background: I have a Cuboid that I bought less than a year ago. It had the usual issues: Atomizer short messages, failure to reach advertised wattage, poor finish, some other things I forget. It lasted around 6 months or so before I finally gave up and bought a Coolfire IV.

I've had it in a box, and from time to time I'd take it out and put batteries in it, to see if the mod fairy had visited. I updated the firmware when Joyetech released a new version. Nothing worked.

I read here somewhere about the Arctic Fox firmware, and noticed that it would go onto a Cuboid. I didn't hold out much hope, but it never hurts to try, so I downloaded it, dug out my Cuboid, and did the upgrade. It worked. I now have a functioning mod that I'd completely given up on. I'm amazed, and very grateful to the Arctic Fox people. If any of you are reading this, you can count on a small donation as soon as my paydays allow it (I'm only partially employed at the moment.)

Anyway, give it try, Cuboid folks. It can't hurt, and may even bring your device back from the dead.

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