What is the best clearomizer or tank for a Volt (808) ?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Volt kit (which I purchased after trying and hating the Blu kit). I’m pretty satisfied with it but I’ve been reading good things about using a tank/clearo vs. polyfill cartomizer. Since there are so many options out there, and want to make sure the device works with the specific setup that I have – does anyone one have an opinion on the best tank or clearo mizer to use for the Volt? Thanks.

GGTS Brass connector

I just got a new member to add to my family. My order just arrived a new UFS and New GGTS. I also got two new brass pins and 2 center post nut to replace my stainless steel ones form my previous 2 ggts. Also got two brass replacements for my switch plunger.

Well I have to say a change in heat thats for sure. More heat Wooot!!!


Thoughts, experiences, and recommendations from an RBA noob

I’m about a week in to my first experience with RBA’s (specifically the Phoenix clone) and thought I’d offer my thoughts, tricks, etc. as a newbie. This information did not originate with me; I am simply copying what others have done and expressing what worked for me. The best, all-encompassing tutorial I read on the boards here was the vertical wick tutorial, but there has been a lot of great information and how-to’s from many people on the forums.


All atomizer use was done on an ego Twist for now (VAMO is on its way!). No problems with using the ego.

For the RBA’s, I have the Phoenix clone from MOV. I also have their V3 Phoenix clone which differs a bit from the "regular" Phoenix. V3 looks nicer than the regular Phoenix and comes apart in 3 pieces which is nice.


I used Kanthal 32 and 34. I like the 32 better because being thicker it is easier to work with. I have 28 but haven’t used it.

I wrap my coils using the drill bit method outlined in the vertical coil thread. Usually 5-6 wraps for a target range of 1.7-2.5 ohms. Of course I check them with a multimeter before firing. Tried both vertical and horizontal coils…I don’t really have a preference, performance seems to be about equal either way. The vertical coil is easier to use on the regular Phoenix, and a horizontal coil is much easier on the V3.

I didn’t do any heat prep to my wire with a lighter, just dry burn a few times after installing the coil and before installing the wick. Haven’t noticed any taste issues that were related to the wire.


Started out using cheesecloth. Don’t know if it was the type of cheesecloth I was using (unbleached, etc) but the taste was terrible. Then went to 100% cotton yarn. Much better, but flavor seemed muted. Finally switched to 100% cotton sterile gauze and flavor (and vapor) has been outstanding. This is my favorite wick material so far. I had some SS mesh but I can’t seem to find it so I haven’t tried that out yet.

**I make my wicks about 2 inches long, but I’m not sure if this is too long or too short. I stuff the excess wick around the posts into the well, but I’m a little unclear on how much of the well should be full of wick. Anybody can chime in on this.

Air hole:

I found that the air hole position has a LOT to do with the amount of vapor you get. Definitely as others have suggested, make sure the air hole is in front of the coil, not being blocked by the posts. I opened my air hole up a bit with a Dremel bit, definitely improved the airflow and lessened the harsh throat hit. If you open it up too much just move some of your wick over in the direction of the air hole and it will tighten up the draw a little bit.

Final thoughts:

I really like the RBA’s. I like both the regular Phoenix and the V3. The V3 is prettier and works better for horizontal coils. Performance is equal on both. Really digging the sterile gauze as a wicking material. These are little beasts and for the price I don’t really see the point in using regular atomizers other than backups.

I was a bit frustrated at first when I wasn’t getting the performance, vapor, and flavor I was hoping for. But with a little practice and patience everything comes together. So don’t give up if you are frustrated!! Get good at wrapping coils, find a good wick material, and watch the position of that air hole. These things can be a bit finicky, but with a little love these things are beasts!!

Hope this helps anybody thinking about trying the RBA’s or who is new and frustrated. Stick with it! And if anybody else has any suggestions or would like to add anything please do.

Can’t place an order!

I’ve been trying to place an order for three days on the Clouds of Vapor website. It wants me to sign in & will not respond to my signing in. All that will respond is the ‘Did I forget my password I go through the process of changing my password. It says successful, but will still not log me in.

very frustrating. I want to give them my money, but nothing. Placed a ticket through contact page. No response. Can anyone help?

twist ties for cleaning bats

having a clean up in my kitchen draws….these 1000 plus twist ties left over from freezer bags…..should I throw them out..:confused:..then it come to me….firstly if this has been spoke of before…..you can leave now….just jokes:oops:.maybe they would be good for cleaning bats..so tooth picks I can never seem to get them thin enough…& even when my kind house mate does them for me.. I seem to break them in the tiny holes…and also around the bat post ive had a few wood bits stuck in there…pins are to sharp..i always rip the tissue…so I peeled back the plastic coating…bend ties in half…moulding with fingers…they work a treat cleaning holes..and when using tissues to get around bat post…seems to get right in there getting all that black yucky stuff out…followed by a few tiny needle point drops of vinger..wipe threads, bat post…nice clean and shinny….id say the twist ties would be only good a couple of times..but when you have 1000s of them….who cares…:laugh: at least I can put them to use now….

TVR’s Very Merry Holiday Sale Month!

<a href="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/vapor-room/155910d1354335233-tvrs-very-merry-holiday-sale-month-christmas-lights.jpg” title=”Name: christmas-lights.jpg
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he Vapor Room

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Want to give a friend or family member a starter kit for the holidays but your not sure which kit is best suitable for their needs? Not sure what Nicotine Strength a current vapor prefers? Email them a Gift Certificate so they get exactly what they want!

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