Smoktech Bolt Giveaway – by: trlrtrash13

Smokey and the Bandwidth is giving away a free Smoktech Bolt Starter Kit to one lucky Vaper Space member. Here is the kit we are giving away.


The kit includes…

1 Smoktech Bolt with extender cap
2 Protected Li Ion 2000 mah 18650 TrustFire batteries
1 single bay charger
1 Smoktech Screw Tank
1 510 atomizer
5 blank (empty) 510 SR Cartomizers
2 drip tips
1 small ego style carrying case.

Here is how the contest will work. Post a picture of yourself with your current electronic cigarette (or your analogue cigarette if you do not yet have an electronic one) here in this forum topic. You can do this by linking to the picture from another site or using the "Add File" function below. Smokey and the Bandwidth will then add your picture to the "[url=http://www.facebook​.com/media/set/?set=oa.3440099​42362534&type=1]Bolt Into The New Year[/url]" album in our [url=​roups/truckingandvaping/]Faceb​ook group[/url]. The picture receiving the most "Likes" on facebook by December 31st will win the contest and receive the kit. In addition, Village ecigs has offered to add 3 30 ml bottles of e-<a href="”>liquid for the winning member. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this kit includes Li Ion batteries, we can only make this contest available to residents of the United States. For more information on the contest, [url=http://smokeyandthebandwi​​tem/bolt-into-the-new-year.htm​l]click here[/url].

The contest is now open, and we will do our best to get submitted entries uploaded to the facbook group in a timely manner. If you enter a picture, make sure to check the album so you can get the link and post it to your facebook wall so your friends can "like" it and help you win. Good luck, guys.

If i smoke a electronic ciggarette will it make anything smell bad like regular cigarettes?

Question by Michael Pham: If i smoke a electronic ciggarette will it make anything smell bad like regular cigarettes?
I’m a pack a day smoker but I always smoke outside so I don’t make anything smell bad, lately my girlfriend has been commenting how bad my clothes smell bad and how it follows me inside the house. The thing I’m wondering is if i smoke a electronic cigarette will it makes anything smell bad? Would it be ok to smoke in my house without the worry of the smell?

Best answer:

Answer by eleusis211
…or you could just quit.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Extra Flavor Shots

I like to try a flavor as is first then if I like it; I’ll boost in on the next order if I feel it would be better. I’ve tried some flavors that were to strong without flavor boost. If extra flavoring is free I reverse it and try it with the boost first! <img src="” alt=”:?” title=”Confused” />

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