Peachaloupe Rings n’ Cream

All flavors were TFA and I had to use a much longer quick steeping in order to get the flavors to settle. If you want to try this right away I suggest you shake it real well, place some boiling water in a cup, and drop the bottle in. Let stand in the cup for 5-10 mins then take out and let it breathe by unscrewing the cap and squeezing the bottle, screw the cap back on then shake real well, replace the water with more boiling water, drop. Do this 4-5 times minimum.

12% Juicy Peach
6% Cantaloupe
2% Sweet Cream

Smell: The smell is like opening a bag of candy peach rings with a little dehydrated cantaloupe mixed in.

Taste: If you exhale through your nose while drawing you get a pretty strong peach ring flavor with sweet cream (almost too strong for my taste). On a normal draw, you can taste the cream and sugar crawling to the back of the tongue. On exhale you get a creamy peach ring flavor with a slight cantaloupe on the back end.

If you wish to get more Cantaloupe out of this blend, simply lower the Juicy Peach and increase the Cantaloupe by a few %.

Little Shop of Vapors

I just wanted to give a shout out to BoomBoom and Little Shop of Vapors for wonderful service! I won a ten dollar coupon a while back and had been saving it in case I needed anything. Well, after using up my last two cartos, I jumped on the site and ordered two boxes. I emailed them on account of some silly technical thing, turns out I shoulda read more lol. BUT the email exchange was *very* friendly! I got a very nice thought out reply, even shot a few emails back and forth on a general topic. Really the whole thing could have been summed up with one polite sentence, instead it became a friendly exchange that made me feel like more than just another order. All on a seven dollar order. That I ordered on Friday and received Monday, BTW πŸ™‚ I’m a very happy camper :vapor:

Spending too much?

I just hit the 9 month mark today since my last ciggy. I would have spent $2500-$3000 in that time on smokes. Yes, I’ve probably spent close to that on pv‘s, batteries, chargers, juice, attys, cartos, tanks, etc… But I’m not smoking, I feel great, and I have many tools (toys:tongue:) to show for all my spending instead of smelly clothes and inevitable future health problems. Now my spending has decreased drastically and I have a pretty good system in place to get my daily vape on. Vaping has made quitting smoking easier than I could’ve ever imagined. I could’ve spent twice as much as I did in the last 9 months and it would’ve still been worth it. You can’t put a price on your health.

Participation Contest

Spinfuel Discussions – Spinfuel ecigs Magazine | Spinfuel ecigs Magazine

We have decided to launch a new giveaway tonight at midnight to promote our new Spinfuel Discussion Forum. The prizes are an <a href="” target=”_blank”>Apollo ecigs Superior ego Starter Kit and 10 15ML bottles of <a href="” target=”_blank”>Ginger’s ejuice. All you have to do to enter is join the forum and make a post. Every post equals 1 entry. The only caveat being that the posts in the forum have to be appropriate posts.The Spinfuel Discussion Forum has a couple of friendly and knowledgeable moderators and the current members are all friendly and welcoming. Come join the fun, pop over to the Spinfuel Forum!

*This post was not made by spinfuel, it was put here by me, I thought some of you might like the chance to win a prize. There are other promotions and games running weekly, as well. This is in no way an attempt to take members away from <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF, just a tip to those who enter promotions.


Good Prophets has fast, efficient, excellent customer service!!!

I recently posted a question on the forums and Rob promptly responded with a possible way to fix the problem. He immediately set up an exchange when I couldn’t resolve the issue I was having. I started buying tons of my personal vaping supplies from Good Prophets when I heard good things about them last April. They often send free stuff with my orders too…and then I buy more LOL. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

Highbrow Vapor: Dark Chocolate Mint…

I am using an ego twist with a LR bridgeless atty for dripping.

The juice: 12mg nic, House mix pg ratio, steeped for 1 week, color-dark reddish brown, smell-sweet mint and chocolate

The Flavor:
Described on website as semi-sweet chocolate, creme de menthe and a hint of vanilla.

Flavor Strength: medium/strong

Throat Hit:

Vapor Production: significant

This flavor is exactly as decribed on the website. It is very reminiscent of my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream… The green kind! πŸ™‚ The blend of the flavors is perfect and this chocolate might be the most authentic chocolate flavor I have come across. Th mint is in perfect balance with the chocolate and the hint of vanilla rounds it all out to give it a creamy feel to it. It is definitely sweet, but not overly sweet. This is thoroughly enjoyable, but due to the strength of the flavors, I think it is more suited to an after dinner vape rather than an all-day vape. This will certainly hold a place in my rotation thou, even if its just for after dinner. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sweet or dessert vapes, or anyone who likes mint chocolate chip ice cream!

I give this a 9/10

E Cig juice @ *_Highbrow Vapor_* – E <a href="”>liquid store, Shop our store for ecig Products.

General Vaping Discussion β€’ Re: Announcing The New Community Moderator Program

Congrats to you UncleRJ. I will see wha I can do to keep you on your toes! <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>ManuDawg β€” Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:27 pm

1.5 weeks

marlboro/camel/basic ~10 yrs
winston gold 100s ~10 yrs

2 weeks since I got my first disposable
1.5 weeks since I got my twist/vivi kit

forgive my overdramaticalness but damn I wish I had known this was an option sooner … feeling better daily

lurking <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ecf for ~2 weeks and checking in now :> thx to all informative posters!:toast: