If someone made these I would buy them.

I don’t know if someone has made these or not. I would like plugs with an o-ring to insert into my tanks when not in use. Take the drip tip out and insert a small nubby plug with an o-ring like a drip tip. It would eliminate the extra length of a drip tip and make it easier to store in a travel pouch or pocket. I have some 35mm camera film cases that would be perfect to store loaded tanks but the drip tip makes them to long. Sell them in a 3 or 6 pack. I would buy them. I use an ego zip case to carry around 4 to 6 tanks at a time and if I could eliminate the drip tips it would make them fit better. If you ever carry around multiple tanks how do you pack up your gear securely?

Best method of improving juices that are ‘sickly’ sweet?

Normally I let my juices steep by leaving them untouched for two weeks (or a month even) in a closed dresser drawer. I do not remove lids or the dropper-lid inside. Should I, for this particular problem? Is there a better method of steeping to help reduce some of the sickly sweetness out of dessert vapes? Or is it a problem of the juice itself without my steeping? Not all my dessert vapes are too sweet – just about half of them.

Also is there a method for dealing with that with my ego twist? I noticed it gets a little bit less sickly when I vape it on higher numbers, but I’m not sure if that’s all in my head. If it’s not all in my head, is there a reason for that?

Any other methods of dealing with this issue that I haven’t thought of?


Battery comparison question, cause I just don’t understand….

Howdy folks,

So, there are some things I understand, but still a lot I don’t. So, here’s the question….

if you have a 18xxx battery that is a 1100mah, and you have a 16xxx that is also a 1100mah, will the vaping time be about the same? And is there a formula I can use to figure this out?

Im asking cause I have a chance to purchase a very nice mod but it uses batteries that are smaller physically than the 18650 that all of my purchases have used. I like this mod, but I also like the time I can vape on my 18650s. My LavaTube is 2200mah. The mods I’m looking at use 16xxx in one and 10xxx in the other. I’m trying to figure out if I can get approximately the same amt of vape time out of these other mods by purchasing better batts with higher mah ratings.

your help is very much appreciated.

thanks folks,
Big Mac

Looking For my first Variable Voltage, Suggestions?

Ive been using a Kgo for 7 months now and have enjoyed it. However I notice when its fresh off the charger that I get a burning taste. I think this problem could be solved by a VV device.

Looking for suggestions on what a good buy might be. Budget is an issue, but willing to spend a little more for a quality product.

Also as a side topic I have been using Stardust long wicks, they seem to be doing well, but wondering if I am missing out on a new option that might perform better.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

How much does 1 cartridge of nicotine for an e-cigarette compare to a real pack of cigs?

Question by Greg: How much does 1 cartridge of nicotine for an e-cigarette compare to a real pack of cigs?
Im considering buying an e-cig because of the healthier benefits. im just wondering if the cartridges are equal to 1 pack of real cigs? how much would one cartridge be equal to?

Best answer:

Answer by Gamucci
It depends on what brand of cigarettes you smoke. Each traditional cigarette has different strengths of nicotine. Do you smoke lights, ultra lights, or regular cigarettes? All this has to be taken into consideration. Some Nicotine is lost when you smoke traditional cigarettes due to the burning process. You get more nicotine out of a electronic cigarette, because the nicotine is heated, and not burned. Some smokers need more nicotine from a electronic cigarette to make up for the chemicals that are missed from smoking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes give you the ability to have a cleaner smoke. When you make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it may feel like you are not getting adequate amounts of nicotine. This is far from the truth. A everyday smoker has become accustomed to all the other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. You don’t realize that you are addicted to every other bad chemical found in traditional cigarettes until you actually make the switch to electronic cigarettes. You may have to experiment with different strengths to find the right balance for your needs. You can visit http://buye-cigarettes.com for different electronic cigarette choices. I prefer Gamucci, which can be found at http://gamucci-america.com I wish you the best of luck!

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Q&A: Is the new electric cigarette a good way to stop smoking?

Question by Jack: Is the new electric cigarette a good way to stop smoking?
I’m trying to find out if the electric cigarette is a good way to stop smoking? Is it harmful also? I know it has nicotine but so does the other alternatives, gum, inhalers, patches,and so on. I thought this would be the ticket but some of my friends are saying this is worse because your putting water into your lungs. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

Best answer:

Answer by notyou311
They are not tested so they could be unsafe. Use a more traditional method of quitting.

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