New on the forum -Need advise and support

Hello everyone, new here and loving the forum for all the support and information that is provided to all that enter. I smoked 2-3 PAD for over 30 years. I just started vaping in the past three weeks. I finally decided that my health had declined so rapidly in the past 2 years, I was killing myself. (Diabetic, mini-stroke…) Did I say I am less than 50 years old?

I first started with Logic disposable, I liked it, but it wasn’t a strong vape. I tried a few others including a Blu kit, not bad but less vapor than the logic. The next thing I tried was a V2 kit with extra-long batteries, this helped tremendously, and I was able to cut down to less than ½ a pack a day the first week with the V2 kit. I found the forum after I got the last kit, read some posts that helped me. So, I had to see if there was something better for me. I ordered a Volcano Inferno Super battery, this was delivered today. I also shopped locally and found a Mini Vivi Nova; I tried it and found it to be “just right” just a bit too big to take away from the house.

I was wondering what smaller size battery would work for me and what type of delivery is best for those times when you are out and about. I smoked a lot, basically a chain-smoker; I am down to 4-5 per day as of today. I can already tell that the bigger battery made a difference. Within the week, I hope to report that I have quit for good. Any recommendations are welcome. I am looking at either a Mini ego or trying to find a VV twist that is small. Oh, and I like girly stuff. LOL

Mt Baker Vapor Caramel Coffee Question

I got this as my free sample from MBV and it smells so delicious I’m jonesing to vape it now. Has anyone who vaped this flavor know if I should exercise some self-control and let it steep a week, or is it good right out of envelope? Since they mix their batches fresh upon each order, I usually let their butterscotch steep for at least seven to 10 days from the initial mix.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: VV 808 gripper and a Kanger T3

UncleRJ wrote:
Very sorry to say, I would not recommend that combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMHO just don’t.

I cashed in some points in the VFF store for the VV Gripper with the 510 connection a while back.

And while it works like a wonder with cartomizers, if you hook it up to a clearomizer, you really get a blast of very hot vape at the lowest setting of 3v. So hot that you can feel it in your hair and it burns your taste buds for a bit.

I did some checking and this seems to be the opinion for the PWM VV Gripper

I have a VV Apollo which uses different circuitry and all is well with my vaping world.

That being said, if anyone knows of a clearomizer that will deliver a much, much cooler vape with the VV Gripper, I would love to hear about it!

Sorry Dude!

Oh it’s no problem, what I was really thinking about doing was getting a Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer from <a href="” rel=”nofollow”> SS mesh and get a VV gripper from VFF and the Genesis is 510 threaded and I was trying to see if both my Kanger T3 and the Genesis would work on the gripper but I figured I need so kind of adapter to do so.

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HALO G6 and KRD808

So I always read such praise for the KR808. I bought Halo’s G6.This is a KR808 right? The battery feels nice with the coating they use but the power was nothing special. By power I mean the puff and amount of vapor. I don’t care about how long a batt last. I think the SideSho beats it hands down. Anyway, is it possible that maybe the HALO blank carts are just not that good or should I go with LR instead? Using Halo <a href="”>liquid BTW. If the answer is LR, I’d like filter color (Halo is black only) or white.

Thnx as always 🙂

General Vaping Discussion • New Smoke Shop Opened

So one of my coworkers told me today of a new smoke shop that opened in town. They even carried ego batts. So I stopped in to see if they carried ejuice. I mean how cool is it to get ejuice at a store, right? Well they sell 30mls for 23.00 bucks!!! YIKES! He tried to sell me on the fact that you can get cheaper online, but you cant get 30ml’s online. I almost whipped out my provari and ecig advcanced card AND my ecigsimplied, card, but then I thought, nope, he’s just an idiot. <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

BTW, I was the only customer in his shop at the time.

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MtBaker Green Ice

So, i’ll make this short.

1. I hate menthol.
2. I hate menthol
3. I really don’t like anything menthol..

until i found this juice..
James sent me a free 15ml sample of it, and its just fantastic. It’s a perfectly clean, smooth, refreshing menthol taste.. It doesn’t taste like gum, it doesn’t taste like toothpaste, it doesn’t taste like a menthol cig.. just cleaaan pure menthol 😉

Highly recommend it, its also a pretty good mix with Hi-c too, i can only imagine it mixed in some good berry flavors..

Mixing Zero nic flavoured juice with plain nic juice?

Ok I am new at this so excuse me if i am asking stupid questions!

I started Vaping last year but stopped because i could only get zero nic juice in australia (I was un prepared you could say)

Well now i am vaping again on 18mg cartos and 18mg flavoured juice but I have a collection of zero nic flavors 80%pg 20%vg 14 10ml bottles,can i mix nic juice with these flavors and use them?



Stormy’s Vapor Cellar – excellent customer service!

Long story short, I am an idiot and Stormy’s Vapor Cellar’s customer service is excellent. Here’s why:

Tuesday evening, I placed an order with Stormy’s for SS mesh, silica wick, kanthal, nichrome and several other miscellaneous things. First thing Wednesday morning I received an email that my order had been shipped, which included a tracking number. Awesome!

I got off work yesterday (Friday) and came home to a package from Stormy’s (quick shipping considering they’re on the opposite side of the country from me and the holidays are coming). Looking at the package I thought to myself, "This looks small for the SS mesh I ordered… Maybe they folded it in half? Can you do that without damaging the mesh?" Upon opening the package, I found all of the items I ordered except the SS mesh. Panicked, I checked the invoice. Sure enough, it was there and checked off (the invoice also included a hand-written thank you, which is a nice touch!). Maybe it’s backordered? I hastily checked their site and saw nothing mentioned about being out of stock. Off went an email to Stormy’s, and I received an auto response almost immediately letting me know they’d gotten my email.

When I woke up this morning there was already a reply from Carolyn in my inbox. She politely highlighted the statement on the SS mesh page on Stormy’s site that if ordered with other items, the mesh will be shipped separately without a tracking number and assured me that I should see it soon. When I got home from work today, the SS mesh had arrived and was waiting for me. 😳

All in all, I am very impressed by Stormy’s. Not only was the shipping fast, but they have excellent customer service should you ever need it (or in my case, need a friendly reminder to slow down and actually read the description of what I’m ordering). :thumb: