Vitamins in eLiquid?

What do you guys think of them putting vitamins in e<a href="”>liquid? Like some Vitamin C or D in them. depending on the amount of vitamin in the <a href="”>liquid you probably could not vape all day. What do you guys think of this assuming that it does not alter the taste of the juice?

Coming back to vaping :)

Hi guys,

I tried a cheap e-cig a year ago and threw it after two weeks or so lol. Lately I decided to stop smoking after 10 years of Analogs and I ordered the following from HealthCabin (very fast service, cheers guys!):

– 2 ego 1100 mAh batteries
– 1 stardust clearomizer
– 1 Vivi Nova tank 3.5 ml
– some random drip tips and metal bodies for the Vivi tank

Now all that looks great but my problem is the e-juice! I did not order any (I know.. I know… stupid move!) because I had a 30 ml supposedly Marl. flavor but I think it’s not good anymore, not sure but it’s probably close to a year old if not older :blink:!

So if any good canadian souls in <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF could point me out to the right direction I will be grateful. I am using the vaping as a transition to quit nicotine completely so any insights or suggestions are welcome!

VAPE ON :toast:


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muertala wrote:
Now I read about the center pin, is it really that big of a deal?

would just make stuff stick out/up a little i would think..nothing major i do not think..
I love having a spring center pin in my chrome LT, kinda wish my provari had one too.. the vape IS different to me as far as how tight or airy the vape is.. when I need an airier draw, I put whatever on the LT and when I want a tighter one i use provari..

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Pyrex Tube/Inner Coil/SS Mesh Genesis Mod

Encapsulating the coil within a Pyrex tube with then surrounding the tube with #500 mesh creates a very clean and consistent vape. In this instance, the wick itself becomes source of the vaporized e-<a href="”>liquid, rather than the coil. Heat is more evenly distributed over a comparatively large area, producing tons of vapor with minimal lag time, and very good efficiency.

The movement of air directly over the vapor producing region of any coil/wick, as is well known by genesis users, is critical to pleasant vape creation. This method addresses this issue and works like any other atty in that the configuration allows for air passage directly over the vape producing area.

So how to do this? While still a work in progress, I now have this nailed well enough that it’s worthy of a discussion of how to build these, and seek feedback from other tinkerers that want to run with this and optimize this type of build inspired by Scudatdan’s hybrid wick.

The tubes are tiny. 1.5mm to 1.8mm OD with .2mm wall thickness. Kimax(r) Glass Capillary Tubes, Melting Point: Industrial & Scientific

So making and getting a coil inside is shall we say a challenge. You will need magnification glasses. You will also need 1mm crimping beads, crimping tool (Micheal’s), a micro torch, scissors, and a set of helping hands is, well, helpful.

Measure off about 3" of 30ga Nichrome or 2.5" of Kanthal. Crimp 2" of no resistance wire to what will be the positive end, and 3" of NR wire to the negative side.
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Wrap the coil tightly around a small sewing needle leaving no space between coils. It’ll be about 25 wraps and 1.5 oms.
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Next measure the tube to be cut and make about the length you would normally cut the wick for your device. Heat both ends of the tube to flame polish with a micro torch. Don’t melt the ends, just heat a second or two. This strengthens the ends a little and helps prevent cracking the tube when pushing the coil in. VERY TRICKY. Good thing the tubes come in packs off 100!

Next push the coil to the end that will be the negative side, which is also the end that will go down into the tank. Manipulate the wire that is sticking out of the other side such that the wire is centered in the tube. With the tube held straight up in the helping hands, use the micro torch to close the glass around the wire. Do this slowly and with the flame hitting down at the end of the tube from above. The glass will not make a bond to the wire. The object here is to minimize the opening.

Now slide the coil back up to the top until it stops against the now nearly closed glass. This is the top. This taper will help later on with sliding the wick over the tube as well.

Flip the tube over and put in a dab of JB Weld to seal the bottom end. Now what we have is a tube that is sealed at the bottom, with an ever so slight opening at the top. juice must not be able to enter from the bottom!

So now what you have is this:
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

Before we get to the wick, in case you’re wondering, the negative lead will come up inside the tank, through the fill hole, to the negative post.


Now the wick. Not much different than normal really.

Torch it unwrapped to add stiffness. Roll tightly around a large paper clip, or syringe needle. Then work it down over the tube from the tapered top end until about 1/8"-1/4" or the tube extends above the wick. Two reasons for this. One is so the hot lead doesn’t short against the wick, and two when the wick bubbles up juice, it does no flow down into the tube. Again, we can not have any juice inside of the tube.

How much wick to use? Jury is still out on this one. In this case, I do believe less is more. Remember, the wick itself is what the <a href="”>liquid is primarily vaporizing on. This is clearly seen by vapor coming out from all sides, and not just the top of the wick. So to much, and more heat is needed to vaporize the juice. To little, and not enough. If vaped dry, the tube will deform, and need to be replaced. Been there done that as the old saying goes. 3/4" wide is what I’ve used. Next build I’m going to go with 1". Both fit without issue through my duds. 2.5mm hole.

This is what the final product should look like:
<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />

My First Time Filling Dct tank and getting little vap

I have a Smoktech Dct small tank which Tonight was my first time ever filling the tank and using new SmokTECH 510 2ohm DCT Single Coil Cartomizer.I am getting very little vap at 4.0 -4.20 volts on my ego twist.I have filled cartos before but not in conjunction with the tank.What could be wrong here?? Here is the video I followed exactly.…&v=YRmsIDJyY2g