Any thoughts on Vapor4Life?

I originally started out with the Blu brand, which turned me off from e-cigs for about a year or more. A good friend of mine recommended that I try V4L, and I got my first starter kit from them a week ago and haven’t had an analog since. Overall, I am quite pleased with the selection of flavored cartos that I got with the starter kit, but I took the advice of people on the reddit forums and got myself an ego through V4L as well as 30ml of their chocolate e-juice and bought a clearo from a separate site. I found that I prefer the manual ego over the auto Vapor King, and that the clearo has a much better throat hit that I enjoy.
I am wondering what some of your views and experiences on V4L are, and if any of you have recommendations for e-juices? I have found that I do not enjoy any tobacco or menthol flavors, but do prefer a mild to rich sweetness to my vaping juice.

Thanks, Necro

Something doesn’t seem right

I’ve only been vaping for about a day or two, but I’ve tried almost 10 different flavors already and they all seem to taste virtually identical to me, and it’s not in a good way. Nothing tastes even remotely like the label says, and it’s overpowering. Not a burnt raste as far as I can tell, and the kit is brand new – a Storm 2.0 from Vapor King and yes, I know I paid way too much already. The <a href="”>liquids are from High Caliber, EC Blend, and Hangsen (I’m lucky to know an online retailer that lives basically right down the street from me). I’ve been a PAD smoker for about 3 and a half years, so I’m willing to accept it if it’s just that my taste buds are all dead, but if there is something I’m doing wrong, I’d like to fix it.

I’d like to keep vaping, but frankly cigarettes taste better than what I have. Out of 10 different flavors, I figured I should like at least one of them a lot. Thanks for suggestions/help/advise.


I recently bought an ego-c, I was loving it for about 4 days..Now i get burn tasting dry hits
I have changed juices, the top of the tank, tanks, fluids,batteries , even the atomizer, EVERYTHING
what is going on? Can anyone help me?
Thank ya!

I bought two of the COV Gen 1’s….

Howdy folks,

So, as the title sez, bought 2 of these COV Gen 1 rebuildables for my first go around. I’ve seen there are about 100 different videos on building wicks and setting up rebuildables, so which of these videos would y’all say are the best to follow? Like I said, 1st attempt, yes I’m a rebuildable virgin.

Any tips would be appreciated to go along with the vids you would follow.

thanks guys,

Big Mac

Best way to sample new ejuice?

Fairly new vaper here… just ordered several different sampler packs from a few different vendors. I’m curious as to the easiest & most cost effective way to try all of these different flavors without having to fill up a whole tank/clearo. I’m guessing dripping… I am currently using an ego setup with 510 threads. 1 of my batts is a twist. Which atty would you recommend for this? There seem to be about 347 different options out there…does a drip tip fit on all of them? Thanks for the help!

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