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[center][url=http://vapingvero​​ca-review.html]Veronica’s Cubica Review[/url][/center]

This one is going to be a review so get ready.

I will be honest and fair, I’m a vapor snob so I’m overly picky. I expect good battery life, good atty or carto life, good taste and ease of use.

The Cubica. I have to be honest here it’s awesome. I normally don’t like wick systems but this one seems to wick better than most.

With the kit you get 2 e-cigs, 1 black and 1 white, 5 replacement heads (there are 2 already installed in the units so you’re really getting 7 heads), charger and wall adapter.

$52.00. (see picture below)

My current set up is a Vmax with a BFC tank, 2.0 dual coil carto at 4.2 volts.

The Cubica so far this week has preformed significantly better than I thought it would. Vapor production is excellent considering it’s on a wick system which I normally don’t care for. I vape hard and often so killing atty’s and cartos is normal for me. As of right now it’s still going strong which says a lot.

Clean flavor is incredibly important to me and this unit is holding up to my standards.

Another key point is size, it’s about even with a tube of lip gloss. (guys don’t let that turn you away it’s that good) It also comes with a cap for the mouth piece. Tired of getting lint in you drip tip? This takes care of that.

Filling: Super easy and it holds 2.0 ml.

Leaking: I haven’t been able to make it leak.

Burnt taste: No. (I got a little burn but I was vaping too much).

Maintenance: Changing the heads is simple, unscrew it and replace.

Charging: About 4 hours so make sure you charge them.

Functions: Light up power button, 5 click on and off.

In closing, this little guy is a bang for your $52.00. Ease of use, good clean flavor and lots of vapor. You can’t go wrong with this one.

(replacement tanks, heads and chargers available)

Vape Well

Vaping Veronica (aka Jenn)

Come see us and we​​’ll get you set up with the right hardware and your choice of over 200 flavors of premium E-<a href="”>liquid. It makes a huge difference when you have a team of people who can answer your questions silly or not. I​​’m pretty sure we​​’ve seen it all and if not there​​’s still time.

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Re: Damascus steel mechanical mod project – by: Wood Artist

[i]Still time for last minute getting in on the pre-order… do so here​ry_s/57.htm 🙂

Was at the machine shop today… All good and set with the turner. Oh yeah, now that’s a lathe 🙂
Now waiting to get the plate stock delivered and bring that to the other shop for cutting, drilling and tapping :)[/i]


Does the nicotine in electronic cigarettes cause heart disease?

Question by RJ: Does the nicotine in electronic cigarettes cause heart disease?
I have heard that being that there is only water vapor and nicotine in electronic cigarettes that they do not cause cancer, but does the nicotine alone cause heart disease or any other diseases?

Best answer:

Answer by Olsare Dude
Nicotine itself increases the risk for alzheimer’s disease a bit but doesn’t actually cause heart diseases. It might increase the risk of having an attack of symptoms if you have any kind of heart disease.

What do you think? Answer below!

General Vaping Discussion • Re: e-cig Spam

Jebus! How do you find the time to do anything else? <img src="” alt=”:shock:” title=”Shocked” />

And thank goodness I’ve not needed to feel tempted by any Viagra ads so far knock on…well, nevermind.

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>slap_maxwell — Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:59 am

General Vaping Discussion • Re: e-cig Spam

Oh man, we clear near 1000 comments off our blog everyday for everything concerning ecigs to Viagra (really, after all these years?)

We get a lot of ecig spam at the office too, it’s almost always the same broken English and hilarious tag lines.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Rebuildable pros – question

Sylvie wrote:
muertala wrote:I really don’t know enough to say if its a AGT or DID clone I was just wondering if any has one of these <a href="” rel=”nofollow”> and if so did they have any problems that they had with them, like leaking or not vaping as well as when they first got it and rebuilt it or anything like that.

DID.. i just have problem with the mesh part. i could not stop tasting it in my juices so i do not use it..
just be sure to oxidizes the heck out of the mesh!! i guess i am not doing that part right or something, could be I am too worried about burning myself or a cat tail I suppose lol .. oh get a clear tank for it, not being able to see how much juice is in there when filling and afterwards was annoying!!

THIS!!! I have a glass tank to put on mine, but it was already set up and I wanted to try it out, so I didn’t tear it down to put the tank on it and I really regret that. I hate, hate, HATE, not being able to see my juice levels. Drives me crazy.

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