So Sad

Hello all, today has been a nightmare. I had gotten down to 2 analogs a day, doing great and I go to plug one of three of my bats in the charger and lo and behold, its broken! One was still charged, but that only lasted 2 hours, the third another hour and I was done.
What’s a girl to do? (I am broke this week, can’t even afford to buy a disposable) I have unlimited access to RYO tobacco and tubes. Had to smoke. So, luckily I have a warranty, I called and getting a new charger shipped.(wonder how long before I get it) Kudos V2 for good service.

Next time I have money, I am going to purchase a few more chargers and more batteries. I don’t think 3 is enough. Especially not the same kind. I will mix it up and try a few different things JIC. Meantime, I have to try to keep my mind occupied so I don’t smoke too many stinkies per day. If I can get some money together next few days, I have to buy something cheap locally and hope for the best it won’t fall apart. Only local vendor I know at the flea market, I’ll have to see what they have.

I thought I was all set, bought 10 clearomizers, 3 bats and a couple of 30 ml <a href="”>liquid… I see I have to have backups for my backups. Like breaking all the cigs in a pack you just bought, or dropping them in water. Luckily, I love to shop….

Needed to vent my frustration about my bad day… :frown:

General Vaping Discussion • Re: nic level?

scalewiz wrote:
Mostly 14-16 mg, and going down. But I have a clearo of cigar flavored 40 mg that’ll real quick make you forget about the real thing.

Holy Crap! 40 mg? I can’t sleep tonight just from thinking about vaping that!! <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />
I got awful insomnia just with 18.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: still waiting

UncleRJ wrote:
I bet if you ask real nice she will even put a charge in it before she gives it to you!

And you might want to lay in some basic supplies such as juice and whatever you want to put it in so you are ready to vape as soon as you get your new toy!

She got me some juices. A tobacco flavored one, a capchino one and a berry one I think… I am finally earning points so I will order more later…

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Genesis RBA question

swamee73 wrote:
hot spots look like what when you dry burn? just part of the coils glowing and not the rest? what do you do to fix it if you notice it?

Here is a video that Fazed made on rebuilding these. He shows you how to tweek them if they have hots spots. I find visuals the only way to figure some of this stuff out! <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />
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I quit smoking and have been vaping for almost 3 weeks. I can say I will never touch a cigarrette again. I use to marlboro smooth and enjoy menthol. I bought the halo sample pack which includes menthol ice. Its more of a pepperment taste which i dont fancy. I got the pink spot menthol when i first started and i really like it. I can vape it by itself and mix it. I want to try other brands. Does anyone have any reccomendations?

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Hella Vapor

These guys rock and HV makes incredible juices!! I can not leave this post with out a few personal favorites of mine like: Dragons Breathe, Icy Lemon Drops, Doc Holiday, Wonderland and Crisp E Treats are just a few of my favorites. Not to mention these guys give good customer service ! Whowza !

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Mad Murdock’s Radiator Pluid: Worth the hype???

As usual, I am using my ego twist with a LR bridgeless atty for direct dripping. But since I do not know the vg ratio, or the nic content of this juice, I am not going to comment on throat hit or vapor production.

Color- Cloudy, medium green. Kinda like Emerald

Smell- Sweet, black licorice. Permeating…this juice smells STRONG. You can smell it through the packaging when it arrives. I was afraid it was leaking I could smell it so strong. No leaks though.

Flavor- Licorice or anise, and other things

Flavor Strength- Strong+ 4.5/5

Sweetness- Medium++ 3.75/5

Opinion- This juice defies all logic… I should not like this at all! In fact, it should make my nose crinkle up like I am smelling bad cheese. It should make me run to the bathroom to brush my teeth frantically to get rid of the taste! So why doesn’t any of that happen? I am not someone who ever enjoyed licorice or anise or absinthe, or anything with remotely the same flavor profile, yet I adore this! It is a very complex flavor, and I keep thinking I am getting a hint of lime with it? That could just be my brain following a suggestion given off by the juice color though? I’m not entirely sure. I can, without a doubt, see why so many people love this flavor. It kind of makes you feel a little like a bad a$$. Its edgy, and daring… The flavor is bold and in your face but somehow at the same time… not too much. Same with the sweetness, its just right! The only thing that freaks me out about the juice is the color… I just don’t like the idea of vaping food coloring. I will say it’s the prettiest green <a href="”>liquid I’ve ever seen! And I will definitely be throwing caution to the wind to finish my bottle. I would recommend this juice to everyone, whether you like licorice or not. Just from what I have seen locally, my modest guestimation is that at least 85% of all vapers would like this flavor. I haven’t actually met anyone that didn’t yet… and I have been making people I know try it all day!

I give this 9/10 (I will change it to a 10 when they make a no-color-added version that tastes the same)