Ego Twist adapter for 510 Accessories

I have an ego twist and recently purchased a few tanks, the trouble is they don’t seem to sit flush. I realize its only aesthetics but i was wondering where I could find a decent "skirt" to fit an Artemas slim 2.0 ml tank dct or vivi nova 2.5ml tank. Every place i have found online seems to have adapters to fit ego products on a 510 batt but nothing where the male end of the 510 item could fit flush into an ego batt.

eJoose – Melon Citrus Blast

Melon Citrus Blast – Orange and non descriptive melon
I base my pricing off of the smallest they have, around 30ml and as close as I can come to 100ml. Good price points on this one:

Price changed since I recorded video.
$4.00 per 6ml = $0.67/ml
$10.00 per 30ml = $0.33/ml

Over all grade: "C"

Other reviewers I have seen review several at a time I am trying to make it so I do 1 juice at a time, keep it short and simple, only bring up vapor and throat hit if there is an issue. I’m grading on a 6 point scale from A to F.

How Long Can E-Liquid Stay Inside My Tank???

Hey guys – Just got my ego Twist with a Mini Vivi Nova tank.
I’d like to keep refilling my tank every few tokes, and keep it pretty much full for the most part so I don’t need to tilt it upside down in order to keep the wicks soaked.
However, How long can I keep doing this until I will need to clean out the tank / replace the head/coil ???
How long will e-juice stay good inside the tank? I love the flavor I’m using and don’t think I’ll be switching flavors anytime soon….
Thanks!!! :p

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Lord Davin Initial eVic Impressions

i too got one coming from a co op. but also know a couple reviewers who are researching all the software to see if things can be updated..i was hoping this would have been a pretty sturdy mod..but not hearing a bunch of good as of yet.

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Sharkhide Polish

There’s a co op going for 4oz. tubs of sharkhide polish. It’s being sold by orders of 8, so need 3 more takers till tomorrow morning to get in. If anyone is interested check it out. <a href="!360019!” target=”_blank”>…ubs-co-op.html

Imeo, I did’nt see anything in the co op rules against making a post like this, but if you would rather not have the thread here then just delete it please, thanks.