How Does The Smoking Laws Handle E-Cigarettes and Smokeless Stuff?

Question by Jim: How Does The Smoking Laws Handle e-cigarettes and Smokeless Stuff?
Like how most bars and restaurants don’t allow smoking inside anymore, how do these electronic cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes fare into this?

Since you are not technically smoking I was wondering how this works?

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Answer by Chris
Its not really smoke as it is more water vapors

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Provari v2 day 4. My first PV. e-cig heaven !

Hey guys, its day 4 off analog cigs, & I feel great. The rest of my e-juices are getting steeped at the moment. I have a stainless steel “whos your daddy” tank on the way, & will be throwing that on when it gets delivered Wednesday. I have Mutt’s Fire & Ice, Cinnamon Danish Swirl, & Green Apple coming in from Vaporbomb tomorrow. My Ms.T sugar cookie & snickerdoodle hasn’t shipped yet. & I ordered “Smooth” from bluemist which should be in soon. PS Sorry for the terrible video quality, had the exposure setting up because of the low light in the room. Equipment used in this vid : Provari v2 @ 3.9v 18650 AW batt w/ extension cap Ikenvape 801 fusion cart Ming drip tip PG/VG mix 24mg nic. “vanilla creme” from clouds of vapor.

NanoMarkets Releases New Report on BIPV Roofing Markets, Sees $3.9 billion ($US) by 2016

Glen Allen, VA (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest report on the building-integrated PV (BIPV) market titled, BIPV Roofing Markets the report claims that the total market value for BIPV roofing products will reach $ 3.9 billion by 2016. NanoMarkets expects the market for todays overlay products (a.k.a. building-attached PV) to grow strongly but sees the market for more fully integrated BIPV roofing panels as presenting the largest long-term opportunity. The report stresses that this opportunity is available not just to the traditional PV industry but also to the roofing products industry.

Additional details about the report are available at: . The firm has recently issued reports on BIPV encapsulation and BIPV glass. Details of those reports are available at .

About the Report:

This report provides in-depth market analysis of the BIPV roofing industry, examining the ways that BIPV roofing can enable new business revenues at a time when both the construction and PV industries are seeing hard times. Coverage in this report comprises BIPV roofing overlays, rigid BIPV roofing (e.g., BIPV tiles), flexible BIPV roofing (e.g., BIPV shingles) and monolithically integrated BIPV roofing products.

This report also contains granular forecasts in both value and volume (MW and square meter) terms, with breakouts by PV technology, type of building, retrofit vs. new construction, and geographical region. The report also examines the strategies of firms active in the BIPV roofing including: 3S Swiss Systems, Atlantis Energy, Dyesol, GE, Global Solar, Lumeta, Sharp, Solarcentury, Soltecture, SunPower, Suntech Tata Steel and Xunlight.

Findings from the Report:

NanoMarkets projects the BIPV roofing sector at $ 3.9 billion in revenues in the year 2016, with these revenues fairly equally divided between the overlay, rigid and flexible sectors. The monolithically integrated BIPV roofing market will by then only just have begun to emerge.

BIPV roofing overlays are a mature technology that offers a way to deploy PV that is often easier to install and maintain than conventional PV and represent an attractive product diversification for the roofing products industry. By 2016, NanoMarkets estimate that revenues from BIPV roofing overlays will amount to $ 1.1 billion.

Of the 160 MW of BIPV roofing products that will ship in 2012, NanoMarkets believes almost 90 percent will be accounted for by crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV technology. By 2016, however, NanoMarkets anticipates that this number will fall to around 50 percent. The big winner at the expense of c-Si will be CIGS, which can be used to make lightweight PV that can be extensively deployed on roofs without the need for additional support.

NanoMarkets anticipates that in the near future, absorber materials such as CIGS and DSC, which can be created with coating or printing will be used to create monolithically integrated BIPV roofing panels. Such panels will offer power producing and roofing fabric functionalities that are as melded together as are printing, copying and scanning in an office all-in-one. NanoMarkets expects such products to be on the market by 2014 and while there will be a lag time before significant revenues are achieved, the firm sees this type of BIPV product as the industrys long term direction.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy, electronics and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of this kind and has been covering the photovoltaics sector for more than six years.

Visit for a full listing of NanoMarkets’ reports and other services.


Robert Nolan


(804) 270-1718


What is a decent portable generator for camping?

Question by Will: What is a decent portable generator for camping?
I am looking for basically a miniature generator, something that I could charge up at an outlet, then go camping and have a bit of power to, say, run a netbook for a little while. Nothing over the top, just a little extra convenience.

I looked at solar generators, I didn’t find much that was overly reliable in that direction, but I would love to hear your opinion on a good version of that as well.



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Answer by chris w
you have options, first one is a Honda generator the EU2000i it is the most quiet and efficient gas generator for camping needs. Then there is.
Yamaha comes in a close second and there are copycats made in china under many different names.

Solar power is prmarly used to power up a battery storage system from which you can run an inverter to power up virtually anyhting. Harbor frieght sells the most affordable 45 watt system, attach that to a deep cycle marine grade battery and you can run a lap top for several hours.

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