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Sandi wrote:
Ok try this on the bottom of the clearomiser, if you look you will see what looks like the top of a screw (but is not a screw) use same nail clipper or small screw driver and give it a few turns and try clearo again

lets hope this works

thanks, again. tried and no dice. soooo i give up [atleast for the time being]. i’ve wasted so much time [more than i can afford]—the whole purpose for ordering this was to save time lol —messing with these things makes me feel like i’m about to break them—i was terrified that i was tearing up my new batteries—i’m not a handy fixer.

ok, so the good news is that i found a few bottles of juice and several packages of carts. i’ve set up to start preparing several carts to take with me, because i don’t have time to mess with them on a regular basis. i’ll just do what i did before and fill them in advance and take them with me. i really don’t want to buy any more smokes. my partner hasn’t had a clue this past week until walking in on me filling the carts. of course, her first comments were about how much money we spent last time [and where’s the rest of my stuff lol] but anyways…here i go again. this will have to do until after the holidays. funds are tied up with family presents and then i’ll need to get some decent juices [i’m still on the quest for a couple of perfect vapes, but maybe my taste buds have changed some this year. heh]

–so, on the kanger t2s—as long as they are 510 threaded, i should be able to just fill n go and use my current batteries without any problems?
–reputable company recommendations that have good and timely, service for these types of things? i’m going to need a 510 charger as well.

@devinator—-you said it!

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Important Notice: Holiday Shipping Schedule Christmas and New years

We are going to take a small break on Christmas eve so essentially, last day for shipping is Saturday, December 22, 2012 on orders received up until 2:30PM CST/3:30PM EST and 12:30PM PST. I’ll try to hold shipping that day past that if I can.
So plan accordingly!

No shipping of course on Sunday the 23rd and we are going to take the holiday off on Monday, Christmas eve.

So after Satuday shippign will resume on Wednesday, December 26th

As of now we will have the same schedule for the next weekend but we may still ship on New Years eve, For now though the shippign schedule will be the same, no shipping on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Two of those days of course, the Post Office will be closed.

Support will more than likely also be closed during those three days. We all need a little breather after a very busy year. Although I will still be fairly busy working on inventory and things of this nature.

To summarize:

  • No shipping Sunday December 23rd through Tuesday Christmas Day
  • No shipping Sunday December 30rd through Tuesday New Years Day

General Vaping Discussion • Re: the GAMECHANGER!!!

I’d really like to see the industry step up to the plate and create some sort of standards body, like IEEE or ASTM. There are lots of advocacy groups and organizations, but industry-agreed standards are something sorely lacking. I was glad to see American E-<a href="”>liquid Manufacturers’ Standards Association (AEMSA) launch, and that’s what we really more of need right now to stave off any silly government regulations.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: the GAMECHANGER!!!

The guy from AEMSA knocked it out of the park in my mind. He showed that the community is perfectly capable of self-regulation, which means that they will be able to handle realistic regulation from the FDA as well.

He also made some great points in general about ecig use,

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Any Ahlusions members?

Apparently so, and I won’t be able to talk with my buddy Zack until after the new year to have him buy me some of this stuff. <img src="” alt=”:evil:” title=”Evil or Very Mad” /> It is outstanding juice…I’ve gotta make the rest of this 5 ml last for a couple weeks somehow. <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> I’ve been going by the website daily but it keeps saying "No new registration."

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Question on clearomizers from a noob

Pretty new to this but I am enjoying fiddling with different stuff. Bought an ego clearomizer, I think they call it a "stardust". Vaping it with an ego. Well every time I pull it off it has <a href="”>liquid drops on my battery. I am just wondering if this is normal and is it harmful to the battery? Sorry if this is a dumb question I just don’t want to ruin my batteries so soon into this. Thanks.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Any Ahlusions members?

slap_maxwell wrote:
So one of my buddies who vapes has moved to New Zealand and he gave me about 5 ml of Ahlusion’s JG Blend, which is totally awesome…it’s a naturally sweet tobacco vape which he ordered with light coffee — and it is great. However, they do not seem to be taking new members at this time. Is anyone here a member, or does anyone know how often the open registrations?

You have to be a member to buy juice?

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