Catskill Mountain Vapor Store, Inc. – by: eastXrebel

Here’s the latest ProVari giveaway contest results from Catskill Mountain Vapor store, Inc. and Vapers Palace, Inc. Seven lucky winners were chosen and here are their names and proof of their winnings. All winners ProVari models and colors chosen were shipped overnight express to each of these people:

David Wilson EG406982824US

Tyler Strickland EG406982775US

Mike Tomczyk EG406982815US

Patrick Wilson EG406982798US

Susan Nardi EG406982807US

Joanne DetWeiler EG406982784US

Kelly Dixon EG406982767US

Visit this website to talk with any of the winners and to meet other vapers.



Best of Black Smoke Racing 2010 Compilation Video Finally the compilation video is edited and ready! Check out the video and see what we’ve been up to the 2010 season. Enjoy and Comment! also we need more sponsors for next season if someone is interested please contact us at or Thanks to Kouzin Bedlam and Gakko 3 for the music!

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Nighttime Tailgaters Beware – The Defiant Digit Warns Drivers of Offensive Driving Habits

Livingston, NJ (PRWEB) April 16, 2005

Armed with knowledge of plastics, fiber optics, and electronics, Mr. Simon constructed his first Defiant Digit. The Defiant Digit is a clear, six inch light up automobile display in the shape of a hand extending its middle finger. It plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet, where an easy to find pushbutton switch is located on the cigarette lighter plug. The display is suction cupped to the rear window of the car, truck, minivan, etc. Installation only takes a couple minutes. Nearly invisible when it

Vaping in Public bargin shop e-cig adventure .wmv

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Ahlusions Tobacco Question

Didn’t want to post this in the HUGE Ahlusions thread because I was afraid it would get lost. I got Blue Grass Burley, Devil Dog!, and Smooth Criminal. I normally vape from a ego Twist with a 2.4 or 2.8 ohm head in Vision clearomizers. I know it’s not the juices fault, this stuff is the spot on pipe tobacco flavor I was hoping for, but it seems to burn up/dirty up a clearomizer coil before I’m done with the 1.6ml clearo. Anything I’m doing wrong? What setup do most of you vape your Ahlusions juice with? I also got a sample of Chai Latte, as I’m a tea drinker, and it is spot on as can be! Awesome juices, I just feel my equipment is ruining it.