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mongrel wrote:
slap_maxwell wrote:To heck with all that oxidation hoo-hah…get yourself some 3mm diameter thin wall pyrex capillary tubing, cut a piece that reaches from the top of your coil to just inside the tank, stick your UNOXIDIZED 400 mesh inside, and vape like a sir all day long. (Note: You may need to ream the wickhole of your device to accommodate this size pyrex tubing. You could also order a smaller diameter if available.). This idea courtesy of ScubaDan….

Wow thanks, I’m planning on getting my first RBA soon. I’ve got a whole lot of capillary tubing and had wondered if it would work as a wick. I think all of mine is 1.2 or 1.5-mm.

The tubing itself won’t work as a wick, but the mesh that you place inside of it will. 1.5mm should fit down into the tank without modification from what the guys at the brick and mortar tell me. Let us know how it works out! One of my friends uses this technique and swears by it.

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Don’t forget to download version 1.1 of the firmware,. which was just released yesterday! <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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Extracts would certainly be too strong to vape as is I’m sure.

I’ve got 14 ounces of Windsail Platinum on the way (it’s been over two years since I lasted order any–it seems weird) to use for extraction. I chose this brand because it is 100% brightleaf flue-cured Virginia tobacco with no casings or toppings of any kind. In a smoke, it was mild, slightly sweet and just a hint of nuttiness way in the background. Should be here Friday, and I’ll commence extraction. Hot damn! <img src="” alt=”:geek:” title=”Geek” />

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I use the T3s for those times I can’t drip….those same times I would have used a cartomizer in the past. I never liked cartomizers because of the diminished flavor and the funky taste they usually imparted to my juices…the T3 and the Innokin are a big step above cartomizers to me in every way — though still nowhere near dripping, of course. <img src="” alt=”:!:” title=”Exclamation” />

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"…may cause confusion…."

So what these bozos are saying is that they feel people are too stupid to distinguish a tobacco cigarette from something that is clearly NOT a tobacco cigarette,

Jebus,,,, <img src="” alt=”:roll:” title=”Rolling Eyes” /> <img src="” alt=”:roll:” title=”Rolling Eyes” />

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I suppose it wouldn’t be a good idea if you sent out a company wide e-mail telling people thay could contact you if they’d like help to stop smoking.

Have you considerd calling their stop smoking people and telling them about your experiences.

That is I’m assuming you’re no longer a smoker.

I realized recently one of the great things about the vape communitt is that it is ex-smokers helping people to quit. Most of the groups involved in quitting smoking here in the states is all people who have never smoked. It’s kind of like the Alcoholics anonymous approach, we all know what it was like to be addicted to smoking, because we were all there in the not so distant past, and THIS IS WHAT WORKED

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I think the Smok mega cartomizer killed the Clearo for me. I’m pretty new to vaping, and clearos just looked like a good idea to me when I had only used cartos. I wanted large capacity, so I have a handful. But the biggest problem is it’s just a matter of time before the wicks stop working, and I get too many foul hits that taste something like a dirty dishwater. Some <a href="”>liquids go for a while, and some can’t go through a tank. I got my first mega dual coil about two weeks ago, it holds 5 mL and vapes like a motherf*$#er.

Along with that order I got 2 new attys and made my second go round at dripping, I got dripping down to the point that I’ve spent many days dripping all day long. With my clearos I find I have to back off the voltage when I get wicking issues, and it doesn’t solve the problem, it just delays the inevitable point at which I have to pull the thing out, dump the juice clean it a dry burn it.

I know once I get my first genesis style I’m going to never use a clearo again. Between the $3 it costs for a mega carto and the price of the RBA’s I just don’t see a point in buying another clearo again.

That being said I know at some point I’m going to buy a T3 since SI just put them out for 808‘s. I know I’m ultimately not going to use it much, but I’m going to buy them

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