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Can you put THC oil in the Smoking Everywhere e-cigarettes?

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by planetc1

Question by Meredith O: Can you put THC oil in the Smoking Everywhere e-cigarettes?
I have a medical condition and my doctor recommended medicinal marijuana. I was just wondering if I would be able to get the THC through an e-cigarette, as it would be more convenient than regular vaporizers and healthier than smoking it. Serious answers please, I really do need to use it to live a regular life.

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Answer by peetr
you may be the first person to try it, the e-cig is pretty new.
There is a vaporizer called the i-inhale or iolite . It is pretty easy to use and hide. I am assuming that’s what you’re after. Oil could be used if you added it to a little herbal material. I found that the iolite had an unpleasant plasticy smell though and it looks like I might break it if I’m not careful . Read the review below.
A regular vaporizer such as the original Vapor Brothers Vaporizer would be better for you at home or in the car with a power adapter. I’ve found the knockoffs and other vaporizers are not as reliable and some have obnoxious odors.

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Marlboro blacks and my replacement

I’m young, smoked for about 6 years. Camel Wides until the tax hike, then switched to Blacks. I loved blacks. More than I ever did any other cigarette. I’d pay 2 dollars more if I had to just to get em. (These were, I believe, marlboro mediums before they changed the names.)

Pack a day. Looking around Reddit I found the subreddit for ecigs. I just read that for about a week. I bit the bullet and ordered a Provari, vivi nova, kanger t3 and some tobacco fluids from gotvapes. Got bored of waiting and went to a local shop and got an ego twist kit. Smoked that with some pinkspot brand juices. It was really hard. I struggled with wanting a cigarette to be honest. My provari came; I chose the T3 over the Nova almost immediately. Thing just works perfectly. I hate carto’s/carto tanks/attys etc. Takes too much time. Still wanted a cigarette. Went to a different e-cig shop and they had some Halo brand tobacco flavors. Got some Torque 56. This was it. I carpool to work with someone who smokes marlboro blacks and don’t even entertain the thought of having one. I have a pack on my desk at work I haven’t touched in two weeks. It’s just there to remind me how awesome vaping is.

Can’t do fruit juices at all. Sometimes. For the flavor, not to replace anything cigarette related. Everything but smooth 8 from Halo is incredible – really good throat hit and tobacco flavor. Tribeca for a few days straight now – 10 times better than any cigarette I’ve ever had (I’m talking about after-sex cigs, after food, morning etc.) Those cigarettes would just make me so happy. Indescribable. But with some good juice and a new T3 I can feel that way far more often.

Thinking of getting into RBA – terrified of all the different things. Will eventually do it once I figure out which RBA is the ‘provari.’ I don’t like starting small because I’ll just waste the money buying the better version the following day. Think I’ll wait on this – too much of a commitment and RBA right now seems like computer hardware – something is outdated before it arrives at your doorstep. But I don’t really know.

Been waiting 2 weeks for an alice in vapeland order. That sucks. It’s fruity juice anyway, mostly, I doubt I’ll like it. Work won’t let me vape at my desk; not for any health reasons but because it supports a ‘smoking environment.’ This bothers me. I have juice that doesn’t have any smell and can vape it where it doesn’t hit anyone. Doesn’t matter. Just means they pay me to stand in the hallway more often. Jokes on them, right?

I see people with Blu cigarettes and other cheap batteries, it makes me sad. I feel like using a clearomizer the RBA people look at me the same way. This makes me dislike them. Quit being rude, RBA guys, I’m new.

That is all. Posting my story here because I need posts and because I enjoy reading other stories in the new people forum. Also slightly interested in this co-op thing I’ve heard about. Excited to be here!

Vape Dudes Went Above and Beyond to Fix a Mistake

I recently placed a small order from Vape Dudes that included a 15ml 0mg bottle of Root Beer Float that my brother wanted to try. When I received it, the smell was definitely not Root Beer Float — more like butterscotch. Mistakes happen, so I wasn’t angry about it or anything, but was worried about getting a replacement before I fly out to see my family. Vape Dudes quickly responded to my service request and whipped me up a new bottle. Thankfully, it arrived before the day of my flight. To my surprise, the replacement was a 30ml bottle. That was a very pleasant surprise and very much appreciated. I would have been happy with a 15ml replacement, but was thrilled to get a 30ml.

The Bolt: Center Post Pops Out!

I searched and couldn’t find an answer to this problem. I have a Bolt that I picked up from Hoosierecig. I love this thing. It was originally intended to be my back up device but I’ve barely touched my vv tube since the bolt came. Anyway, I’ve been having a problem: The center post (the connector) keeps on popping out! It still works, but i’m woried one of these days the cord is going to break as well. What is the best way to fix this? I thought about just using some super glue but didn’t know if that could mess up the connection. Has anybody successfully fixed this problem? Thanks!

eGo battery won’t charge!

Hello people of the ecig forums. Ive been looking around here for about a week and finally decided to make an account. I got my first ecig 2 days ago and today the battery finally ran out of power so i started to charge it and the light was red for about a minute, but then it turned green. I fiddled with it and nothing changed so i unscrewed it (i had it not too tight but definitely making contact) and screwed it back on and the same thing happened only the red ‘charging’ light went away in about 10 seconds. If i press the main button that you press when vaping it will blink for about 5 seconds (the light on the battery) then turn blue and will start charging for about 5 seconds then then the light on the charger will turn green again. I read some posts on here and cleaned the connections of both the batteries and the charger but same thing. I pulled the contact on the battery forward but still same thing. I’m just lost as to what could be the problem because the light DOES turn red for 5 seconds but then changes back to green and the lights on the battery that show its charging also turn off.. any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Small Experiment.

Ive been on my ego C now 2 weeks,i had one captain blacks cigar in my cupboard and i just tried it too see what it would be like,its not that i craved it or anything,guess what,it was the worse taste in the world,how in Gods name did i smoke these awful sticks for so long i dont know,i got dizzy and sick and taste was in my mouth for hours,even after brushin my teeth a dozen times…..NEVER AGAIN WILL I SMOKE TOBACCO,whoever invented the electronic vaping device should recieve the Nobel Peace prize.:party: