Side effects.. Tell me there’s hope

I’ve been vaping for about a week. Really enjoy it. Haven’t had a single analog. But I’m having bad side effects from both PG and VG.

With PG, I get a sore throat. The first disposable I had with 100%PG made me feel like my throat was closing. I don’t believe I have an allergy as I own products with PG and have never had a reaction. Also, I’m not prone to allergies. But I am sensitive to things every so often.

With VG, I get a strange pain in my back. I know, you’ve never heard of this. It’s below my right shoulder. It may or may not affect my breathing, which is to say it doesn’t very much. But it’s an uncomfortable feeling. It’s definitely the vaping, whether or not it’s actually the VG – I can’t prove. Anyone EVER heard of this?


I’m currently using an ego battery with a mini vivi nova. I love it! I just really want these effects to stop plaguing me. I’ve tried a 50/50 mix from VV with a mix of both side effects. Mostly the sore throat. When I cross that juice with 100%VG, my back pain surfaces. I’m working on getting other ratios to try.

I’ve read through many posts on these forums looking for answers. I know some might say I should see a doctor but just try and believe me that I know these effects are from the vaping.

Has anyone pushed through these side effects and ended up a happy vaper? Thanks guys

Edit: also, yes I am drinking plenty of water! 🙂

Its a sad sad day

I aquired the unobtainable. Last week i purchased a Darwin. And its been the best vaping week of my life. Today while at work(im a firefighter/paramedic) i was on a call and my Darwin fell on my concret face down and cracked the lcd disply:(:(:( while it still works like a charm i almost shed a tear.. Does anyone know the warrenty and how to go about getting repairs done? Thanks

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Working on finding my <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy flavoring levels. Dripping samples of FA Chocolate, on a 306.

I think I pegged the level of flavor, but as it is it’s not a complete vape. However noe I can start blending it into some of the other stuff I’m working with.

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pms5978 wrote:
ok… so i need help!
i have been smoking for 35 years, and my daughter has got me into vaping, thing is I still smoke, but i have cut down from 1 pack a day to about 1/4 to 1/2 a pack a day… thing is i feel like i am searching for "the" juice that will get me to quit all together…
Also i just ordered a couple of bottles from ECBlends and all of them are too light and don’t taste good enough….
plus my daughter lives 2 hours away, so I don’t have much support

Personally when I started I was looking for something to fall in love with. I tasted a whole lot of stuff, and didn’t really care for much of it. But I found a few of them could keep me satisfied even though I wasn’t so wild about the flavor. Once I sort of gave up and stopped looking for what I loved, I ended up finding the first one I really loved and just couldn’t put down.

I wasn’t a menthol smoker (although I always liked the occasional menthol) but I found out I love menthol vapes. I have a simple peppermint Menthol that I vape everyday. If you haven’t tried any menthols, you may want to try it out.

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PG / VG as a cleanser?

I’ve read that PG/VG is used to sterilize things. I don’t really know how accurate this is but what if vaping is actually cleaning our lungs/sinuses? I feel like I don’t get sick as much when my co-workers and friends do but that could just be from not smoking analogs. Has anyone heard or read into this type of thing?