Top Buy is Taking Pre-Orders for the New Innokin iTaste MVP

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(PRWEB) October 16, 2012

Innokin iTaste MVP Pre-Orders are now being taken, Top Buy will be the first place when vapers can get this product! Top Buy now accepts pre-orders for the iTaste MVP, which will be sold at 69 dollars.

The iTaste MVP is the big brother of the Innokin iTaste and the latest product from Innokin. It is an ideal electronic cigarette product for vape and charge on the go.

The iTaste MVP has attracted a lot of attentions from the vaping community since its pre-release. Here are some original opinions from vapers:

Lordbarby in UKV: This is the iTaste on speed! It looks like a monster, apparently you can charge your mobile phone off it!!

WallyO in ECF: Pretty cool. There are exciting times ahead for vapers. As bad said, it should be one crazy year ahead.

Danpio1217 in Vaportalk: I’m drooling at the mouth looking at this new iTaste mod. Looks like a Reosmod, but hopefully will be less expensive and more accessible.

Innokin official distributor Top Buy: This may be the ugliest product from Innokin, but absolutely the best.

Innokin iTaste MVP features in brief:

New walk in vapor store in San Antonio, TX – by: scotttt1970

Hi I am not the owner, but I am trying to get this new stores name out there so it can simply stay open. This is a brand new e-cig shop that sells all the new genuine Joyetech products amongst a lot of other accessories, and a wide variety of flavored juices, and strengths. The prices are just as low as many places I have ordered from online. Their is only a few walk in vapor stores is San Antonio, and none on the N.W. side. Here is all their information. ( Your Vaping store) 7205 Bandera Rd, Ste 201, San Antonio, TX 78238. (210) 409-9101. Thanks (Scott Thompson}

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Help.


I don’t want you to feel like your thread is getting hijacked.

You asked about an atomizer, and I don’t know that anyone answered you.

Were you specifically talking about an atomizer like these?

<img src="” alt=”Image” />

<img src="” alt=”Image” />

If so I’d suggest getting one to try out depending on what type of battery connection you have.

If you have an 808 or 901 style connection a 901 atomizer is my favorite,

if you have a 510 connection I like the 306 atomizer.

… Also I’m up in The Jersey mountains and we’re having a white Christmas.

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>mongrel — Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:16 am

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Help.

What have you tried already ?

What did you not like about the juices you’ve tried?

Do you find you don’t like the flavors, or you don’t find the juices are satisfying you enough to keep you from smoking?

What type of e-cig(s) are you using? Do you know what type of connection it has? There are some good places where you could pick up a 5-pack of cartomizers in assorted flavors, and that may be the quickest route to finding something good.

Don’t give up, maybe you haven’t quit yet, but if you’re smoking less than you’re headed in the right direction.

Statistics: Posted by <a href="″>mongrel — Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:08 am