Electronic Cigarette Company JoyeCig Now Selling JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer Battery Kits

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Joyecig, a company that features JoyeTech electronic cigarettes, has just added another product to its inventory.

Joyecig recently began selling the JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer battery Kits. The battery is an easier and more convenient version of New Tank Changeable System Electronic Cigarette.

The Joyecig company, which also recently launched a new website, sells a wide variety of the JoyeTech line of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Over the past several years, this form of cigarette has helped many users to quit smoking.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: more vapor: Blu Cigs

Most people throw ’em into some boiling water for awhile then rinse and dry them out. I have a big 15 ml syringe with a luer-lock adapter where the sharp screws in. I took the needle off and cut the closed end of a carto condom off and glued it to the luer-lock outer housing (it fit pretty snugly anyway). Then I boil some water and stick a carto (mouthpiece end) into the open condom and draw the hot water in through the battery end by pulling the syringe plunger out…then push the water back out again into the sink. I’d do this probably 6 – 8 times per carto then set ’em aside for about 24 hours to dry. Worked aces.

You can accelerate the drying time a bit by doing a reverse taryn spin on the cartos when you’re done flushing them out. See video:


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Q&A: Best Menthol E_CIG,Battery,Vapor,Ect?

Question by : Best Menthol E_CIG,battery,Vapor,Ect?
I smoke about a pack a day, i would really like some input on the best Menthol e-cig , all opinions are appreciated thank you! <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/69a64f228c_icon-smile.gif” alt=”:)” class=”wp-smiley” />

Best answer:

Answer by Scotty Mack
There really isn’t such a thing as the best menthol e-cigarette. The best e-cigs are three piece ones that you fill with juice, yourself. There are tons of different places to get e-juice from and, unless they are located here in the states and are mixing up their own brews, most places sell Boge Dekang e-juice (they make 92% of the world’s e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid).

So, I’d say first start off by getting a good quality, reasonably priced e-cigarette. The consensus on all of the forums is that the DSE901 and the Joye 510 are pretty much the best two out there. I have both and, personally, think the DSE901 lets the flavor of the e-juice come through better.

Add a bottle of Menthol e-juice to the starter kit and five or so blank cartridges so that you have fresh ones to put the juice into. Then, if that e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid didn’t quite float your boat, start looking for the companies that are mixing their own juice (like Totally Wicked or Johnsoncreek smokejuice) and see if you like their menthol <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid better.

Incidentally, so far, the best two places i have found for DSE901 and Joye 510 e-cigs are http://e-cigexpress.com and http://electroniccigarettestop.com. I use e-cigexpress for the basic stuff that I need real fast and electriccigarettestop for the wild flavors or for specialty components.

Good luck in your pursuit for the perfect menthol e-juice!

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All About Ingredients Skincare News Presents Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 9: Ingredients

Rancho Cordova, CA (PRWEB) January 27, 2011

Looking for a new solution to a particular skincare issue, like hyperpigmentation, rosacea or fine lines? Look to Part 9 of Skincare-News.coms Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook to find out about the latest and greatest ingredients, plus tried and true treatments to improve overall skin health. Lastly, learn how to safely use potent ingredients like retinol and hydroquinone, without negative side effects.

Q: What are antioxidants?

A: Antioxidants are molecules that defend the body against damage caused by free radicals harmful substances such as UV rays and pollution, exhaust, cigarette smoke or other contaminants that are harmful to the environment, as well as skin. Free radical damage can lead to everything from premature aging to cancer. Antioxidants work by binding to free radicals, transforming them into non-damaging compounds. Antioxidants come in a variety of forms and include vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium.

Q: What do peptides do?

A: Found in all types of anti-aging creams, serums and exfoliating products, these proteins boost collagen production, giving skin a smoother, younger-looking look and feel. Peptides are safe for most skin types even sensitive skin.

Q: Are preservatives necessary in skincare products?

A: Preservatives keep bacteria, fungi and molds from invading beauty products. While there are some natural ingredients that have preservative-like qualities (like essential oils and citrus seed extract), these arent recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as replacements for chemical preservatives. Yoga Journal lists potassium sorbate and phenoxyethanol among the safest and most effective preservatives in skin care.

Q: Are retinoids and retinol products the same thing?

A: No, these are different formulas. For one, retinoids are available by prescription only, whereas retinol is over the counter. Retinol is less potent (and thereby less irritating) than retinoids.

Q: How do flavanoids in chocolate help skin?

A: Flavonoids are antioxidants that guard against free radical damage. Plus, flavonoids affect blood vessels and decrease inflammation, notes dietician Karen Collins on MSNBC. In turn, this could help inflammatory skin conditions and irritation. Flavonoids also decrease redness and UV damage, according to Allure.

Read the complete FAQ section on skincare ingredients, including antioxidants and anti-aging formulas, at Skincare-News.com.


Skincare-News.com consistently covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe, including acne and other skincare conditions. For example, check out these latest articles:

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Searching for a foolproof hair care routine that will keep strands healthy and gorgeous? In this section of the FAQ Handbook, people can find answers to a multitude of hair-related concerns, covering everything from affordable hair treatments to general styling tips. Get pointers on dyeing hair at home, reviving dull locks, combating frizz and more. Whether people are noticing signs of heat damage or are concerned about hair loss, itchy scalp or a seasonal issue, check out this comprehensive guide to lovely locks.

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Got a skin issue that requires more than topical treatment? It might be time to consider the benefits of cosmetic procedures. Before going to a professional, check out Part 7 of our Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook. Find out how professional treatments can help you achieve long-term results for dark circles, wrinkles, spider veins and hair removal. Learn what kinds of treatments can deliver the biggest benefits you want, plus important information on caring for skin post-procedure.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook Part 6: Budget


Beauty products are an investment, and working within a budget means people need to know whats worth the money and what isnt. To help people choose wisely, this chapter of the Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook offers essential tips for anyone looking for ways to save on quality skincare, gifts and more. Check out this section for tips on the best beauty indulgences, low-cost natural products and ideas for thoughtful gifts that wont break the bank.

About Skincare-News.com — “Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care”

Skincare-News.com is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, Skincare-News.com features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. Skincare-News.com is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit http://www.skincare-news.com.


General Vaping Discussion • Re: eVic

I was excited about the eVic even though it’s from Joytech and I’m not a fan of them. I considered it before it was released due to its features but after thinking about it more, I don’t want the first release (it already has an update to the OS/Firmware). Plus it will just be remade by another manuf correcting the problems it was released with very quickly. After seeing the video reviews and checking still on what else is out there, I personally went with another mod entirely. It doesn’t have the same display or features but I’ll wait until the eVic and it’s features are further along before reconsidering.

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