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So mongrel; how do you find the tobacco "flavors" you’ve been using? I have about 6 ounces of Windsail Platinum (a bright-leaf flue-cured Virginia tobacco with no casing or toppings) going through and extraction process currently. On the advice of someone in the bidniz, I’m letting it go until January 19th, checking it every couple of days and working it. However, I wouldn’t mind getting started earlier than that with some tobacco creations. Who has the best baccy flavors for <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy in your opinion? I’m really tired of mediocre tobacco tastes that are way too sweet. Plus I really wanna see if I can even come close to replicating "Sweet Caroline" from iVape…it’s a light, mild-bodied tobacco vape with black tea and honey notes that rules <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

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