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These are the pv holders that my in-laws made for me. The small one they made last summer. It only holds 6 stick batteries and 2 egos. The larger one is what I received for Christmas. It holds 3 tube mods, 4 egos and 6 stick batteries. This is amazing! It will hold all my batteries! Now I just need a smaller one to pack with me from room to room! <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

Both have beautiful finishes and felt covered bottoms. I just figured it was my turn for some show and tell. hehe

Sorry for the sideways pic. I took it with my phone, uploaded it to photobucket, cropped, rotated and saved it, but it still posted the original…oh well. You guys can still see it right?

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I want to find the best way for me to vape.

So I just recently started vaping and I want to find a good way to do it. I got myself a couple of tanks with 1.5 cartomizers, but I realized that this is probably too much for me. I was thinking of going for atomizers and I am considering the Volcano Inferno Low Res Atty. I want something that will give me great flavor and a mild throat hit. Any suggestions and/or advice would be appreciated.


Analog style e-cigs-HELP!

So I’ve been vaping for about 4 months and have already managed to go from an ego with the stardust to a Provari with assorted carto tanks and could not be happier with the set up. The reason I am writing this is because I know a few people that want to stop smoking and have tried everything that I have used and like the idea but are really set on an e-cig that looks more like a real cigarette. I am pretty confident after reading threads on this site for a ridiculous amount of hours (at least that is what my wife says) that nothing with the analog look will satisfy my vaping wants or needs. With that being said I would still like to get an idea of what direction I could point them in to give them the best chance to stop smoking. I don’t think price is an issue, or battery life for that matter. I think finding an analog style e-cig that can be refilled with the juice of your choice is a key and if anything exists that uses a standard carto would be great. Does anybody have any suggestions? I would just love to help my friends be able to enjoy the feeling I have gotten from finally kicking this habit that I have been a slave to since I was 16 years old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oily vs Fry

Hello. I am new to the forum. Have only tried 2 e-cigs: first a 7s high tobacco disposable. Now a NLM disposable. Both were "high" tobacco flavor. I found the 7s rather harsh – not unlike a Parodi ::shudder:: almost-rope cigar. The NLM is very "oily" in its smoke characteristic. I used to smoke Camel straights for years and more currently American Spirit Unfiltered ("brown" pack).

My sense is that a mix between the dead-on dry/harsh hit of the 7s mixed with the more oily smoke of the NLM may actually work.

Any thoughts on this combination? I have read the sticky about inhaling techniques, which did help. but even so I found the 7s still too harsh and the NLM still too oily.

Many thanks for suggestions! And hello! 🙂