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I’m sure everyone here already knows that switching to electronic cigarettes is one of the best things that can happen for a person, I know it was for me. I used to smoke a pack a day since I was 16 and now I have been vaping for about 2-3 years. Me and my brother started vaping at around the same time. I hate that there are websites saying nothing but bad things about electronic cigarettes, when all they are is a miracle. It is like the cure for a cold has been discovered, but for smoking instead. Electronic cigarettes not only do not contain all of the harmful chemicals in a cigarette, but it is so easy to quit with it. I just hope that more people will be smart enough to switch from those nasty cigarettes to the real e-cigarette, so they to can experience the miracle, and maybe even save some lives. This site is a great place to be if you are an electronic cigarette user because you can relate to other people, and they can support you. Making friends in the process is an extra benefit. This website has it all. Everyone who is knew try to spread the word as much as you can, so others may join this website.
Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoyed it. Brian Wilson.

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congrats, i’m glad your first attempt was a success, i hear it’s not always that way… rhubarb custard sounds like a true original, you may have to open your own juice business <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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How do you get ecig companies to send me free kits to review?

Question by fredy: How do you get ecig companies to send me free kits to review?
I whatn to continue reviewing but it cost to much to be buying to meny kits.i really need help getting e cigs to review.i have tried contacting them but they tell me ther not sending kits at the time.and I am not under age.

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Answer by Jake
You would have to be an influential writer with a highly rated site, or be a well known retailer in order to be likely to receive free samples.

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Using E cig Liquid but noticed some black stuff on the inside of the cap?

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by Scoobymoo

Question by mike: Using E cig <a href="”>liquid but noticed some black stuff on the inside of the cap?
i have been buying e cig <a href="”>liquid bottles for a while now and i noticed that 2 of mine that i have had for about a month have some black specks inside the cap. is that bacteria? how can i find out?

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Answer by Jon
You can’t without lab tests. Chuck them and don’t take a chance. Most bottles are treated and sterilised before filling to prevent this. Seriously get your e-<a href="”>liquid and e-juice form a reputable company. Although recommedations are frowned upon. I use for all my e-<a href="”>liquid – I have bottles that I did not like the flavour for still standing with NO visible contamination months after being open. Go to a reputable company, if you don’t like this recommendation, just Google (or Yahoo) for electronic cigarette uk and choose someone that looks good. Evape do Flavourart and have their own Black Label Premium e-juice which is fantastic. DO NOT USE A FLY-BY-NIGHT COMPANY – you are putting this stuff in your body. Buy the real McKoy!

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