Fuzion Vapor & Alice in Vapeland – by: msparker32

Last week I ordered ejuice from Fuzion Vpor and Alice in Vapeland. Yesterday I got my order from Fuzion. It is a juice called Bob Marley Blood. It is Fuzion’s "charity juice" for the month of February. Each month Fuzion designates one of their juices as "charity juice" and 50% of the sales on that juice goes to a charity. The customers decide what charity the money goes to. Neat, huh?
I’m still waiting for my order from Alice but they have just moved to new facilities and are working to get their orders out. They post on Twitter and Facebook what order dates they are shipping out each day. I haven’t tried any of their juice yet, but I’m told it is worth the wait.
Happy vaping.


Q&A: Where can i buy electronic cigarettes in LA?

Question by Erikk: Where can i buy electronic cigarettes in LA?
I am looking to buy a quality electronic cigarette kit locally or online provided in LA. Anyone have any opinions on some good places to buy electronic cigarettes? Also what are the brands out there that are purchased most frequently?

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Answer by Spendling M
In LA??? Why not buy electronic cigarettes online???? No matter where you are and no mater what time, you could shopping online.


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CDC: Electronic cigarettes gaining awareness, use
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