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Me, too, I was upset, also….<img src="” alt=”:(” title=”Sad” />

The only two vendors it could have been was ecigexpress (whom I like) or FSUSA (whom I don’t but they had a flavor I needed), just a heads-up from my end……….

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It’s been and interesting journey…

Allow me to introduce myself…I am 64 years young and have smoked cigarettes off and on most of my adult life. The longest stint I quit was 13 years and for the love God, I don’t know why I started again, but I did and it’s been awful getting off this nasty habit. I am three months today without too much cheating. I thank my daughter for gifting me a Kgo starter kit to get me on track, it’s been a life saver and I am totally enjoying the journey. I have turned on some of my friends to this too in the hope that they will have sucess.


General Vaping Discussion • Re: Vaping and driving could be hazardous to your teeth!!

bybees3 wrote:
I thought you were going to say you did what I did the first day with the K-100. Let my grip loosen on mod, while pushing button (it’s a bottom button for those who haven’t seen it) and the spring shot the mod toward my face and the ss drip tip into my teeth. Lesson learned. <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

Lol!! I could definitely see that happening.. I’ve been saying for a while how my Vamo in 18650 setup could be used as a deadly weapon but this little guy could be equally as dangerous…

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E-Liquid That Doesn’t Need To Steep

So I stopped smoking for about 8 months and was happy with my vaping experience. Then I went through a period where all the e-<a href="”>liquid I had tasted the same and I got tired of "tinkering" with everything and went back to my Marlboro’s. I tried a few times to start back with vaping and I still couldn’t find any flavor that tasted right to me. In a fit I threw away several (About 40 bottles) of e-<a href="”>liquid that I had.

I made a decision to stop smoking and go back to vaping and decided to start again on May 1st. I still had some ego‘s and my Provari but also threw out all my Vivi Nova’s with my juice. To get ready for May 1st I ordered some Protanks and some Iclears along with some juices but one thing I didn’t account for was steeping time. I started vaping today and one of my juices is very perfumy and another is a tobacco flavor and really needs more time to steep.

So my question is, can anyone recommend an e-<a href="”>liquid that they consider vapable on the day you get it with no steep time? I prefer fruit e-<a href="”>liquids but I am really more concerned with anything that I can get fast.

Thanks for any help.

School Cops tsk tsk.

So today , me and a buddy of mine were literally threatened by a school cop just because we were walking to our cars smoking our vapes. Im in college now and.. there is a bunch of smokers walking around the campus smoking there analogs for days but this cop pulled up next to us telling us to go to the "Smoking Area" which is only intended for cigarette smokers. All I did was simply tell him that we weren’t smoking and that it was vape. His response was that I’m trying to resist arrest and was going to hand cuff me just for informing him its vapor… What is this :mad::mad:

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