Dual coil aga t2 advice

I am going to attempt a dual coil aga t2 tomorrow, So as much advice as possible will help. I have one of the aga t’s that has 3 screw holes, the press fit post, and the wick hole (I will post a pic below) I already know what wire and mesh i will use, but need to know every other step off doing this. I do better with written instructions than video, so don’t link me to video tutorials please. Thanks all of you in advance for the advice 🙂

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General Vaping Discussion • Sub-ohm coils?

I just got my first mechanical mod the other day and decided to build my first sub ohm coil.. I’m guessing I’m missing something here.. I did a 2/3 wrap of 32g kanthal. The whole coil glowed almost white hot, but won’t pop, so I guess that’s good. Its wicking decently…no burned taste, but the wire between the wick and the pos/neg posts are still glowing even though the wick is saturated. My problem is my favorite juice just tastes awful. What I’m trying to figure out is what I’m doing wrong, since I see so many people who love sub ohm coils. Does it not make your juices flavor taste bad with so much heat being produced? Heck, I see people using a lower gauge than 32g with the same amount of wraps on YouTube vaping away like its the best thing ever lol.


I guess its worth noting I’m using a (CCTS) KTS two-tone mod, AGA-T+, 400 SS mesh wick, 32g wire, and a AW IMR 18650 battery.

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Zen~ Sidewinder 510 problem, and need tank suggestion

So I recently purchased myself a Zen~ Sidewinder 510 thinking that A mech would be perfect because I break everything. So I receive my sidewinder and put a Kanger Protank on it with a 2.5 ohm atty in it and I couldn’t have been happier that first day, then on the second day it started being very inconsistent, then on the third day started occasionally producing a horrid smell (the sidewinder not the tank or atty), and the spring in my switch oxidized and collapsed. I’ve since learned that I was shorting out my device, what might have been causing it? are protanks not a good tank for the sidewinder? Did I not have one of the connections tight enough? What do you think is happening?

Also, Should I install a kick? would that prevent problems like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Graduating to DIY Juices

Hey everyone,

I’ve been vaping for almost 2 years now and I love it. I usually buy myself flavor triplers from juiceWhore, which I mix with my nic-jiuce and plain VG.

Anyways, today I decided to just get the flavourings instead of the triplers and I am wondering how much flavoring per ml of <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid do I need?

As I’m not able to find a clear answer. I’m not into making complicated recipes at first. Just gonna try the easy things like watermelon and mango.

How many drops of flavor per ml would you recommend? btw, i vape 100% VG if that makes any difference.

Kind Regards

Thanks in advance 🙂

I F’d up


I poured pg that had been in my freezer into amber bottles with less than a centimeter to the top of the bottle and tightened the lid. One of the 120ml bottles of 100mg nic exploded as I was making that other thread. It didn’t cross my mind that it will be expanding as it warms up.

Rust colored nicotine

Okay so about two weeks ago I bought 500ml of 100mg wizard nic and threw it in the freezer. Today I got another 250ml in the mail so I took them both and used beakers to transfer them to amber bottles. The nic that came in today was completely clear. The nic I pulled out of the freezer had a distinct rust color. It is very noticeable in the beaker but you can’t really tell looking at a syringe full of it.

Why is my nic brown and what does that mean?

Also whats the best way to transfer vg to my bottles?

Flavor Descriptions Job offer!

We are looking to get some serious descriptions on all of our flavors. So we want to hire someone for this project.

You need to:
Love to vape!
Love to write!
Write in a professional manner!
Describe at least 5 flavors per day!

For the first run, we are looking for someone to describe all of the FlavorsExpress line (Ultra Concentrated Flavor).

The chosen participant(s) will receive all flavors in a 10ml size + compensation for the descriptions.

If this is something that interests you, please read on:
please pm me an example of your writing by describing "Menthol Blast Flavor" and your compensation offer. *Note: I made up the name menthol blast, so just use your imagination and get creative, but realistic.

Send in your offers and your examples!

Help- Both XC-116 and FC 2000 coming in! Which do I try first?

Help- Both XC-116 and FC 2000 coming in! Which do I try first?

I bought a set of 3 Porous Ceramic Wicks FC-2000 from Tankecigs and they’ll arrive on Monday.

Than tonight SNG finally got in the XC-116 a Braided Ceramic Wick, and since I’ve been waiting weeks how could I turn it down. So I bought a foot of XC-116. I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend another dime on e-cigs until next paycheck, but my curiosity about trying the XC-116 sapped my will power.

The question is which do I try first? I’m really hoping that SNG doesn’t ship on Saturday with a delivery on Monday but is always seems like when I’m not in a hurry that’s what they do.

I have a bottom feeding Bogger Box with a Reomizer so I’ll only use around 1/2 an inch maximum of either wick.

Hey Guys which one is best!
What do I do, this is a real dilemma!

45 Days Ago

45 days ago, I made the switch to e-cigs. 45 days ago, I smoked my last cigarette. I just wanted to thank the community for helping me get started and for all the support – I’m not sure this habit could have been upheld without it.
45 days ago, I began my start to this collection:
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