New Book Offers Cigarette Users A Smokers Guide to Health & Fitness

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

In their new book, A Smokers Guide to Health & Fitness, sibling authors physician Tamir Katz and writer and researcher Hila Katz argue that, in addition to smoking cessation, a smokers health can be greatly improved through a proper diet, regular exercise, and other health-promoting measures.

As far as we know, there just arent any other books out there tailored for smokers and how they can be healthier, whether or not they choose to quit, says Dr. Katz, a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine.

We detail just how bad smoking can be for the body, and throughout the book we do emphasize smoking cessation, or at the very least reduction, as the best way to improve one’s health. However, at the same time we opted for a realistic approach; because not everyone is able to, or chooses, to stop, we also address other ways to improve health right now regardless of someones current smoking habit.

Hila Katz, a professional writer who has researched substance use disorders, says that one approach of the book was to avoid talking down to readers in discussing a smokers health.

We dont reduce cigarette users to their habit or imply that they have some sort of character flaw, she says. They shouldnt be treated like pariahs thats not the best way to convince people to improve their health.

In the book, the pair lay out a practical and informative guide for improving a smokers health with exercise, diet, vitamins, medical check-ups and preventative screenings, stress reduction and treatment of mental illness, tobacco cessation resources (for those smokers who wish to quit), and awareness of smoking-related illnesses.

It’s an excellent resource for current and former smokers as well as their family and friends, Dr. Katz says.

Its not just what smokers dont know that can hurt them; its also what they think they know, says Hila.

We address myths that smokers buy into and issues related to stress and mental health that keep smokers reaching for cigarettes.

About Tamir Katz

Tamir Katz, MD is a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine and received a bachelors degree in biology from Cornell University. He completed his residency training in family medicine at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program, where he served as chief resident. Currently he practices family medicine in Spring Valley, N.Y., where he lives with his wife and children.

About Hila Katz

Hila Katz received her bachelors degree at Columbia University where she studied psychology and creative writing; she also holds a masters degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She has an extensive research background, including work on substance abuse disorders and other mental health issues. As a writer, her work ranges from short fiction to academic journal articles. Among her current writing projects is a novel.

Has anyone heard of something like this?????

The other day I saw a mech mod, that you could take the teletube for an evic and then screw the top and bottom cap with button on the tubes and make it in to a telescoping mech. Has anyone else seen something like this and if you have can you please post up a link to where it was because I cant for the life of me find the one I saw the other day. Thanks

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Woke up with a few puffs of Want2Vape Paris from my Vision – Stingray Type dripping atomizer.
Then switched to MyVapejuice Savage Tobacco – Original for a bit from 1 of my Vapeonly BCC.
Currently going back and forth between Bulk E-juices’ Strawberry Ice in the other BCC & Mojito in my Lava Tank.
I also have some Heathers Heavenly Vapes Oompa (Purity) preloaded in a Kanger T3 awaiting me for my after dinner vape.
I plan on finishing off the night with a few puffs of Want2Vape The Blond from my Vision – Stingray Type dripping atomizer before going to bed.

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Since getting my Evods and Mt3’s in the mail, my Vamo has been feeling neglected. The Evods work so well on my ego style batteries I have not touched my Vamo other than vaping on Cody’s Ambrosia. So since my Vamo is so lonely I ordered 2 protanks so I can vape my tank crackers on the go with my Vamo! Oh yea, and I ordered 2 more 30ml bottles of tank cracking juice so the protanks will never be empty!

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thanks everyone. i know that with finding this place, its making it a lot easier. if not for that, then id probably be a little leary of getting into mods & possibly <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy. i know im still new to all of this, but my knowledge has substantialy increased cause of everyone here.

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had to come in here too toot <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />

either way may not be on here as much… going to be switching to 6pm to 6am shift…
my man got a job!!!!
and child care is expensive and i really don’t want someone else caring for my kid
guess i am selfish lol

he did promise me an android phone for going on 2nd shift….


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Sandi wrote:
Huge congrats to you Mongrel, that is a huge milestone. and not long before its a year.

WOW is that an ECA ecig. that is now an antiquity, you could get millions for that

Those two ECA egos are very special to me. I actually was vaping it all day yesterday as a stealth pocket vape.

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