E-cig vapor zmax & lambo 4.0 U.S.A e-juice (Malaysia)

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Small town Vaping

I have been vaping for 8 mos. I live in a farming community and have turned 27 people on to e cigs in the last two. I am the "ecig evangelist". They show up to my house and I demo a simple ego/clearo/ and share my juice. The closest vape shop is an hour away and currently, it is the only one.

I am getting recommendations from the clinic. Doctors are sending people to me!

Thing is, I can’t keep up with the demand and my customers are overwhelmed by the choices on the net.

I buy and get reimbursed.

Just wanted you guys to know, this thing is truly a life changing hobby. A few months ago, I voice sounded like a frog. The other day I hit a high note I could not hit when I was in college…

Just sharing…

Also started mixing my own juices! Such fun.

Thanks to this forum, I’m done with cancer sticks forever:)

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Hey <acronym title="e-cigarette Forum”>ECF,

I’m still fairly new to vaping and still have much to learn. I’ve probably asked a million questions, and I’m sorry they keep coming. Hopefully nobody is getting annoyed yet.

So without furtherado… Here’s another one! :blush:

Do 510 cartomizers get the least amount of flavor from vaping? I’m curious because I have an eVic, attached with a Pyrex Tank and a Boge 510 LR cartomizer w/ two holes punched. I used my friends very simple vape attached with his clearomizer and it got MUCH more flavor. Is there a reason for this, or am I doing something wrong? Or, is it simply because cartomizers don’t get as much flavor, then for example, a clearomizer?

Any input, experiences, or even guesses would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys,

PS. Keep in mind we’re both using the same flavor, VG percentage, and nicotine level.


Will These work in a tank that accepts boge XL’s? what about <a href="http://www.ikenvape.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=510FUZELRT” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>these?

How am I supposed to know what cartomizers will work when they don’t go by XL, XXL, etc

Found 3 sites with ego-V 2 Mega 1200 IN STOCK! Please add any others to list :)

Found the ego-v 2 mega 1200 at 3 different sites in stock! Thought I’d share.. in order of cheapest to highest price 🙂 1. Varitube.com 2. Vapeitnow.com 3. Puresmoker.com well good luck all. I ordered mine from the first site. Had a low $33 price tag bit no coupon so anyway just wanted to let anyone still looking know what I found. K. Henning 🙂 Please add any others with this battery in stock and any coupon codes if available. I know many are looking for this battery. 🙂