Just found a beginners DIY Kit for cheaps….Need some advice

After browsing around for the past 6 hours or so i think ive finally found an amazing deal.

<a href="http://www.ltecigs.larsentilbrook.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_71&product_id=157″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Mixing Set 5 With 38mg Nicotine

Set contains:
1 ml syringe.
5 ml syringe.
10 ml syringe.
20 ml syringe.
18g sharp needle.
18g blunt needle.
25 ml measuring cup.
A pair of medium gloves.
A pair of large gloves.
100 ml PG Base 38mg.
100 ml VG.

Am i correct in thinking that 100 ml PG Base 38mg has the nicotine ? Just double checking 😛
This seems like the perfect kit to get started. Low cost, all the safety gear, 100ml VG and a low strength nicotine solution to work with as ive heard it is a very dangerous substance. This way its…less deadly 😛 Also their flavors are only £1.20 which seems to be quite cheap to my eyes.

Thoughts, concerns, advice ? As always very much appreciated.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Minor Issue

If I read correctly you are using a mechanical right? I have a blog battery 101 that goes into more detail then I will only because I’m on my phone and hate typing on this but the 1600mah are actually rated ultra high drain and will do a continuous current of 20 amps and has more mah to the 3.5v range. The 2000mah are only capable of 10 amp and get most of the extra mah under 3.5v and with a mechanical that is useless. The panny hybrids do better then the 2000mah and they both have an internal resistance above 60m. Check budget light forums and I think candle power forums. They have charts that will tell the load discharge of most batteries and there is a german one I will look for in a sec that is really good.

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Fairly cheap 5v or 6v mod ?

Are there any fairly cheap 5v or 6v mech mods that are safe when it comes to stacking batts? Or Im I better off just getting a VV mod or sticking to my spinners? Would like one that has side button as bottom fire button seems like it would be a hassle.I might be wrong but for the life of me seems like it would be PITA to fire something with button on bottom.

I like nice big hits when it comes to my vaping and I dont think a standard 3.7v mech will work for me even with LR carto or clearo on it.I had a Bolt at one point and only enjoyed it with new 1.7 ohm carto on fresh batt and after a hour or so it was just so so.I tend to use 1.7 or 2.0 ohm cartos at 4.2 or 4.3 volts thats why Im thinking a 5v or 6v mod with standard ohm cartos would work well for me.Would be a plus if a Evod or Protank looks good on it 🙂 If not I can stick to cartos not a huge deal breaker for me .

I would like to try and stay around $50 on a mod seeing as I will need to get batts and charger too.Can go as high as $65 to $75 if it had batts and charger with it .Thanks in advance

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Minor Issue

Sometimes one just starts to age faster. The internal resistance goes up over the age of the battery and the mnke batteries actually have a higher internal resistance then the aw imr 1600mah but lower than the 2000mah. The mnke battery just has a longer life until 3.5v then most batteries. If you can find them the Sony vtc3 30amp battery has the lowest I have seen at 12m internal resistance compared to the 20m of the aw 1600mah and the 28m of the mnke and they hold a high voltage just as long or longer then my mnke Batts. They are also cheaper.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Minor Issue

Funny enough the one that is working well is marked. And by marked I mean the hot spring fell into it setting up an un oxidized mesh genesis. I went to the hardware store to buy Stainless posts till my brass ones came in. Man do I hate Hot springs. Im just going to deal with it for now its nothing major. I was just curious if anyone else had experience a similar event. All the praise of AW batteries and Im not a believer. I know that may be a tad harsh but they are not cheap batteries and I was not expecting inconsistencies with these batteries thats why I bought them

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Protect Your Mod – by: trlrtrash13

I got my Lambo 4.0 about about 6 or 7 months ago, and it got scratched up a good bit bouncing around it the truck. Then a few months ago I got the Zmax and Vamo and I decided to take a little better care of them, so I looked into getting some wraps. You can pick these up from multiple outlets, but [url=http://www.jwraps.com/]I decided to go with Jwraps[/url] and I am pretty happy with them. Here are the skins I am running on my mods right now. Here is my Lambo (Lavatube) with its new skin.


As you can see, in addition to protecting your mod, these designs add some personality and style to your device. In the case of chrome mods, they also add a certain amount of grip to the device. They cost between $13 and $18, so they are a bargain for the service that they provide. They are easy to put on, and remove easily as well if you want to change the style.