Best electronic cigarettes that are black?

Question by JohnDoe: Best electronic cigarettes that are black?
Or maybe I should ask for the cheapest e cigs that are black. I have little money, budget of around $ 70, which includes shipping. What are some good e cigs that are black, cheap, and oh ya, It’d be nice if they were good quality.
Thanks much!

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Answer by Lindsay
In my knowledge, Blu Cigs is one of the best black e-cigarettes, you can also get it in affordable price.

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Jwraps Contest – by: trlrtrash13

Jwraps is having a facebook contest. Submit a picture to their facebook page, and then here are the rules and prizes.

[quote]First place win whomever gets the most likes.

Second place – we will choose the most unique picture of them all .

Third place – random drawing for everybody who entered .

If we get to 3000 likes by May 31th we will add a custom wrap to each prize.

Please keep it clean, no spam, no nude or offensive pictures, do not tag other people and just have fun.

First place –
zmax telescopic VV/VW with pro tank

Second –
Zmax telescopic and RSST

Third –
Jwraps K-stand and ego V V2

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X,XXX cigarettes

I took a look at my sig, which currently says "3,000 cigarettes avoided". Are you kidding me? When I was smoking, i never allowed myself to truly "do the math". When the guy at the gas station noticed that my visits to buy cartons became more frequent, he actually asked me how many I smoked a day…and I said to him "yeah, I don’t discuss numbers"- and then I gave my business to other places and rotated his station out! Now that I have quit analogs, I am appalled at the thought of 3,000 cigarettes. Kudos to all who have quit!

PS- another number that I have taken notice of is my checking account…boy, those savings add up when you’re not spending $50+/wk!

Grats to me !

Officially 30 days !! <3 Thank you guys for helping. The continuous help and support for newbies like us is much much appreciated.

People at work were telling me that i looked different. I feel different, no more of those dragging, sluggish feel of nor enough sleep to tons of coffee and cigs cycle.

:toast: Heres to use newbies !! The journey continues !! Happy vaping <3

How do you distinguish the juice contained in cartomizers with the same colour?

Hello guys,
How do you distinguish the juice contained in cartomizers with the same colour? How do you know that one contains this juice and another a different one? Mine are all the same colour. Orange filter colour. I’ve already confused the first 3/5 that I filled with 3 different juices. I’m unexperienced as you can imagine and now I cannot see which one is USA Mix, which one is Virginia and which one is Silky, the 3 samples I bought. Not a big problem but I wanna be prepared for the future ones.
Also, do you clean a cortomizer if you’re gonna refill it with the same juice, or you just refill it over and over again?

What tank is this

hi guys, i want to ask what tank is this? just found out this pic but dont have any info, i dont think this is "Prive" by Kir Fanis.. a special tank for Provari

an i think can use pyrex glass in this tank.. looking good too on provari..

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