MyFxBook Widget – How to Install it on Your Blog, Website or Forum

<img alt="MyFxBook Widget – How to Install it on Your Blog, Website or Forum” src=”” /> In this video, I will show you how to embed the MyFxBook widget into your blog, website or forum post. This widget is useful bec…
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Reveals the Surefire Tactics to Select the Best Electronic … Reveals the Surefire Tactics to Select the Best Electronic
The choice has become difficult because 100's of e cigarette brands have mushroomed in past one year. They all spend money on advertisements and all of them claim to be the best. The smoker who does not much about electronic cigarette will definitely …
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Electronic Cigarette Comparison Now Available on has compared best electronic cigarettes available on the market to help smokers make the right choice when buying. Forward · Print · Save · Repost This. Dallas, TX — (SBWIRE) — 05/14/2013 — The smokers who want to switch to electronic …
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Best E Cig Accessories Highlighted by Green Smoke Says
Austin, TX — (SBWIRE) — 05/13/2013 — Green Smoke provides its customers with the best e cig accessories according to Accessories are the products that facilitate the use of these e cigarettes. According to the brand offers a …
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It is the best electronic cigarette reviews website. It gives the genuine review about each brands and its effectiveness. It is an unbiased review site with no discrimination among brands. It gives the comparisons between different brands of electronic …
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E-cigarettes help some smokers quit, but are they safe?

Ecigarettes help some smokers quit, but are they safe?
"There have been a large number of laboratory studies that look at what ingredients are in e-cigs and the basic conclusion is that e-cigarettes are much safer than regular cigarettes," said Michael Siegel, professor of Community Health Sciences at …
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White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Ingredients Explored by
An electronic cigarette consumer must be aware of the ingredients present in their e device says Keeping this in view, the best e cigarette review website brings in the electronic cigarette ingredient guide to alert their valuable …
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Electronic cigarette sales on the rise in Texoma – KXII
"The pros of electronic cigarettes is that you're not smoking a lot of bad ingredients that's in real cigarettes that cause cancer, heart disease, stroke," Dr. Don Wynn said. Pulmonologist Dr. Don Wynn says while he discourages any type of tobacco or …
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NutriCigs Launches Three Types of Fortified Electronic Cigarettes
The disposable fortified e-cigarette is a more useful e-cig that allows the body to absorb and utilizes active ingredients easier. Each supplemental, fortified e-cig comes in a 1.8 percent nicotine level, and in three tasty flavors that include Tobacco …
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Magic Fairy FTW – by: godfather

The best absinthe juice you will ever vape. Period! It’s absinthe with a twist! Crafted after the other well known green juice. Similar but totally different. This juice gets better with age. If you can let it steep, you will not be disappointed. It’s good out of the mailbox, but the beauty comes out after a week or so of steep time.​agic-fairy/

check out my buddy at Good Life Vapor…

The Dripper Pro

I am about to order a Dripper Pro. I am looking at some of the optional parts, but there isn’t any descriptions for them. I am a little lost. Please put me on track. I have a Provari v2.5. What is the Bell Pro and Bottle. I think it is just a top cap, that changes the top cap of the Dripper Pro. What is the benefit? I guess you do not need a drip tip, but is that it? Does it hold more juice?:blink:

North Texas Vapers May meet – by: godfather

Saturday, May 18, 2013
7:00pm until 11:00pm

It’s that time again. The North Texas Vapers are holding a meet where we get local vendors to showcase their products and teach. We ask all vapers and smokers and even non smokers who are wanting to know more to join us for some good food, drinks, and a over all good time.

Fox And Hound Ft Worth
6051 SW Loop 820, Suite 322
Fort Worth, TX 76132


When Its Time To Upgrade

I am currently using 2 650mAh and 1 900mAh ego-T’s with CE4 Clearomizers, and I love them. However, I can already foresee that I am going to want more power and control within my vaping. I know, I am going to want a VV mod of some sort. With that in mind, I have already started researching what my options are so I will be prepared when I am ready to dish out the money for it. So that others will not have to traverse the same ground, I am sharing my findings.

<a href="” title=”Name: ecigManufact.xlsx
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I’m sure this list is in no way comprehensive as there are 100’s of Chinese manufactures as well as all the home/garage mods out there. The power the Kick can bring is outstanding to those who have the abilities to do more in depth mods at home.

If anyone can fill in the blanks, then by all means, please do. I hope this helps others when trying to figure out their options.

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