Need your opinions please

I just bought black cigar, french pipe, cherry, caramel and island tobacco super concentrates from Vapingzone. My first question is if you have used these tobacco flavors, or any tobacco flavor, what % PG/VG tastes the best for you? Second, Vapingzone recommends using 2.5% flavoring. If I were to add another super concentrated flavor to the tobacco, would you suggest using 2.5% of each flavor or 2.5% flavor total?

KPT vs. Smoktek Pyrex DCT?

First off, let me say I LOVE my KPT. I have 4 of them & haven’t used a carto since I got them. Everytime I have used a poly tank I have had a plastic/burnt taste and so I refuse to try any more of them. Up until I got the KPT I have used cartos (Boge) exclusively.

I was looking around for a good deal on the replacement coild for the KPT and came across this:
Smoktech Glass DCT Tank – 3.5ml – Silver
which of course is out of stock.

Has anyone tried it? If so, what are the differences? I like the coils in the KPT, not sure about the carto thing in the DCT.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Does anyone make short, fat VV batteries?

I’m interested in a short little stout battery for pocket-friendliness, but I need around 1,000 mAh to last as long as I’d like to. And I need VV because I use all sorts of resistances.

I’ve seen short skinny 450mAh egos, and long fat 1,300mAh ego monsters. If they would just make the short one as fat as the long one it would be perfect.

I’m looking at my 1,000mAh twist and I wish I could just fold it in half and squish it all together like a block of clay.

I’d like to steer clear of boxy-shapes batteries in this case (I like ’em in other situations) because the whole idea is something the size of a roll of quarters with a vivi on top would fit right next to my phone in my pocket.

Does such an object exist for less than, oh, $50?

“e-cig"My first smoke

I didn’t know what is e-cig untill I start my first job to sale e-cig,It’s amazing to see e-cig,It’s very exquisite,definitely hign-end.I was so shock by it’s design and apperance,In my thought it should be girl’s makeup tools, It’s so beautiful.Your guys may think I am a countryside girl,Actually I do a such girl.

It’s a wonderful concept to invent e-cig,It did do a great help for qict smoker,Although I’m not a smoker,But I don’t like somebody smoke around me,it’s very painful for us to be innocent involuntary smokers.But it’s unavoidable in CHINA,there is no law to forbid this behaviour.So if our people use e-cig it will be helpful for us.

But we haven’t reach a such level to let more chinese use e-cig yet,It’s expensive for us,in other words it’s luxury for us.In the other hand,our health awareness also haven’t reach a high level,so it’s hard for them to accept the e-cig.Because it’s a new change for them,maybe they just enjoy the felling of real smoke,they just don’t want change the habit which have along with his more half life,etc.
I don’t know,they need time to adapt,they also need to have more money to pay the e-cig,but there is no doubt they must be change in the end,for themself,for everyone,for CHINA.I don’t know how long it will need,but I know it will come,see,am I know now?I even didn’t smoke before,but since I sale e-cig I start to smoke first time choose e-cig,my first smoke is for e-cig.I think it’s very awsome,it’s a good choice.

Maybe I will smoke e-cig again when I am upset,although it’s not my style,but who knows?Everything gonna happen in this hign technology century.

Quantam vapor – Juice lab – and I thought vaping couldn’t get any more fun or social

I love vaping and I also <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>diy, usually give away lots of creations to friends and family. One of the things I love more than vaping is to share my creations with others and see them smile because they enjoy a recipe. Same goes for wine, another hobby, I love to share my favorite wines with others and see their reaction.

I know there are some sites that allow you to design your own juice with flavoring, and the vendor mixes it, that is a great concept. However when you design your e-<a href="”>liquid its yours and yours alone after it ships to your door.

Quantam vapor – (my go to vendor when I’m not mixing my own juices, Imho – best fruits available) has just rolled out a new tool where you can design your own e-<a href="”>liquid and then post the recipe in their juice lab as a flavor other vapers can purchase and enjoy. Every users custom juice becomes available for order, or you can design your own. If you order someone else’s creation, the juice designer gets credit and you get to benefit from someone’s designer creation. Social Vaping at its finest. Very cool. The possibilities are endless.

Has anyone tried this yet?

Re: How do you feel when quit smoking ? – by: trlrtrash13

[quote="wildfirecig"​ post=3399]I smoke cigarettes about 8 years , I have tried to give up it before, in this period, I am deficient in energy all day and always feel difficult go to sleep at night ,but it failed at last . Now, I am considering e-cigarettes as a way to ease transition into a smoke-free life ,does anyone have same experience on quit smoking . Can you talk you feeling at that time ?[/quote]

When I tried to quit cold turkey years ago I had a hard time sleeping, but I haven’t had that problem with the e-cigs.

Good setup for portability?

Hi all….wondering if anyone could point me in a good direction. I tend to throw my leg over my dirt bike a lot and get lost in woods for some fun and excitement. Trying to find a setup or storage setup that would handle the thrashing. Would love to get some vaping in when my friends pull their analogs out on our breaks. Thanks for your input!