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The lava tube is a real good ecig. It is a large clearomizer basically. Any of the clearomizers give good vapor. Your story is similar to mine. I smoked for 27 years and my wife for 33 years. Neither of us have smoked a cigarette in almost 2 years. Changing definately saved my life. I had an 80% blockage in one of my arteries. The one that goes from the heart to the lungs. It is also known as the widow maker. My cardiologists told me that had I continued to smoke it probably wouldn’t have been discovered during a heart cath, but in an autopsy. I love vaping and I’m still very enthusiastic about it.
I use an ego-W ecig, it is small and looks like a pen. It has a built in clearomizer and is filled with a needle bottle. I only use Dekang e<a href="”>liquid because they are the only company that has real labs that they show to the public. They are the oldest and most consistant. I get my e<a href="”>liquid from e<a href="”>liquid market because they have the lowest prices on dekang on the internet. Trust me I’ve looked alot over the last 2 years. I bought my ego-W from them also. However, I don’t recomend that you change from your lava tube if you like the feel of it. It will give you as much or more vapor than the ego-W and yours is variable voltage, which is cool. Good luck with it. You will do great.

I AM ECSTATIC – by: bryanl

Hello all. I am excited to be joining this forum. My story in a nutshell is that 2 weeks ago today, I was passionate about cigarettes, I had no intentions or desires to ever quit. A friend if mine at work had bought a blu e cig starter kit. I puffed on it a couple of times. That very night I had a coworker stop at walgreens on her break and pick me up a blu starter kit. It was a rocky start. On day 2 I went wild and smoked a pack and a half of analogs. Day 3 just a few. Day 4, 5, 6, and 7 zero. On day 8 of cessation I knew the blu wasn’t going to cut it for me. I went to the nearest e cig carrier and quickly chose and invested in the volcano lavatube 2.0. I love the variable settings. Perfect decision for me. No more cravings at all. My wife is on board as well. I couldnt be happier. I feel so much better. I can breathe better, smell things better, taste better and I don’t smell like an ashtray. I believe vaping has saved my life. I want to get others on the vapor train. I was an avid smoker for 27 years and I know if I can do it anybody can. Plus all of the flavor availability is an added bonus! Is the lavatube 2.0 a good one?

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Why wont my computer pick up unifying receiver for m705 mouse?

Question by John: Why wont my computer pick up unifying receiver for m705 mouse?
Hi, i have a gateway pc with windows 7. Before i was using a razer naga mouse with a corded usb cable and the mouse would flicker on and off every 2 minutes. I figured it was time for a new mouse but couldnt afford another razer naga so i went and bought a wireless logitech m705. It worked great for about 3 days until this morning, i was playing a game and it just stopped picking up the mouse altogether. I downloaded the setpoint software and at one point i got it to pick up for about 30 seconds and it just stopped and i haven’t had any luck since. I tried it on a different laptop and it picked right up so i know it’s not the mouse. I’ve tried unplugging it and replugging it and i’ve tried all my usb ports. Restarted my computer multiple times and i went into device manager and it shows no sign of the unifying receiver picking up. My usb ports work fine, i plugged in my razer naga again and it came on (of course it did its thing where it would short out) i also tried my mp3 player and i got an e cig that charges on a usb port and they all worked fine. So why won’t it pick up the unifying receiver? Thanks.
I have done a web search for hours. Basically other computers will pick this mouse up, mine will not..I’ve done all the possible trouble shooting that i could find and still nothing. I contacted logitech but they wont work with me until i can provide the receipt which i have misplaced so here i am.

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Answer by Bob
It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will answer most question. This is the site for owners manuals… This site is free…

This site will help with problems, search it’s index for your problem, This site is free…
If this does not help try a web search,that will do the trick most all the time if you hang in there, it is all on the web.

I enjoy this forum, like to help when I can…
I have been a tech for many years.
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