I ran out of juice – Please Help!!!

Hello everyone. I have been <a href="!5144!http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/health-safety-e-smoking/5144-positive-side-effects-vaping.html” target=”_blank”>vaping for almost 3 months. I lost my kit while I was traveling earlier this week. I just received a new ego kit in the mail today to hold me over until my new <a href="http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=595545&b=277062&m=27425&afftrack=wordout&urllink=www.volcanoecigs.com%2Flavatube.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>lava tube arrives. Unfortunately, I forgot to order more juice (big dummie). I live in the country. I only have access to a CVS and a supermarket. There is no health foods store or vaping store near me and I can’t drive because I have epilepsy. I see that CVS has something called "CVS Pure Glycerin USP". The pharmacist says that it is pure VG. Can I use it along with some kind of flavoring I can get at the grocery store to hold me over until next week? It is the holiday weekend and even if I order something and use overnight delivery I wouldn’t get it until Wed or Thur. I have not touched a cig since I started vaping (yay me) and I don’t want to relapse. I am dying here!!! I know that there would be no nicotine, but I think that the act of smoking will be enough to hold me over. Any sugestions? Is the CVS vgsafe? what are my flavoring options at the store? Please help, I am driving my service dog "Justin" insane with my nervous energy.

Will I get questioned for having an e cig when I go through airport security?

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by wstryder

Question by ChivesWashington: Will I get questioned for having an e cig when I go through airport security?
I’m going to Puerto Rico in a few weeks and I’d like to take my e cig with me in my carry on. However, it isn’t a model that looks like a cig, it’s one of the more expensive ones that looks like it could be a bomb detonator to an airport security guy. I just want to know if I’ll get any question from the TSA because I don’t want all the hassle. Do they already know what these things look like and are they familiar with them?

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Answer by vitaminwater
I would advise you not to carry it in your carry on baggage. U.S. Airport personnel is very rude and suspicious about everything. The last time they were bitching at me for not taking my belt off, then they ran it trough a scanner to see if anything was in there.

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More addicted???

I think I have become MORE addicted to nicotine now that I vape instead of smoke. I smoked a pack of Newport 100’s a day. Sometimes I could go 3 hours or so without having a craving. Ever since I started vaping I just can’t seem to put my PV down. I vape 24/mg juice. I seem to constantly be sucking on my PV. I don’t really have what I’d call cravings or nicotine fits, but feel like I might be more addicted to my PV than I ever was to analogs. Is this just me or does anyone else feel like this. Any suggestions on how to cut down the vaping? (Not that its such a bad thing)

Went on a small shopping excursion

Being new to vaping it is only natural that you want to try everything. So today in my vaping journey I took the scenic route and checked out some of the highly regarded juice vendors which have been mentioned on this forum. I picked up a gourmet sample pack from Halo, some Cinnamon Bun with WTA from Aroma, from Mom And Pop I got some RY4, Pichellas Famous Five Layer and Buttered Rum and from the House blend collection at Goodjuice I picked up some Vita Bella all natural tobacco. I will go down the rabbit hole at Alice In Vaapeland on Tuesday and check them out but not before I get my order into Ahlusion first thing before they close down. Though i was foe the most part pleased with my purchases from MBT I feel that I will now be able to develop a basis of comparison and hopefully find my all day go to vape.

Mesh Wick Oxidizing w/ VG+Cigarette Lighter Tip

I haven’t been making my own wicks/coils for long but I wanted to share a tip for those of us who don’t have a torch but want to oxidize out SS wicks efficiently. I’ve read that saturating a wick with VG/PG before burning can aid in the oxidation process. Unfortunately, it’s tedious work dipping and lighting the same wick several times. Instead:

Take a fire safe surface (I use a metal tray but a plate would probably work) and add a few drops of your oxidizing fluid in a small puddle.

Hold your pre-rolled wick by the end with pliers or something similar, do not do this with a paper clip or needle in the center of your wick because you’ll need the hollow center for this to work properly.

Saturate your wick and hold the lighter to it until the fluid catches fire.

Dip the very end of the wick into the fluid puddle and wait. The puddle will gradually be drawn up the wick to fuel the flame thus reducing the need to re-dip and re-light the wick.

I’ve only tried it with 400 SS but I would imagine it works for any mesh. I’ve found it to be very helpful in my builds and I hope this can be of use to some other torch-less vapers.

Help! Z-Atty U voltage drop

I have a z-atty u that I picked up here on the classifieds. It shows serious voltage drop when the positive & ground screws are connected, even with just a single piece of wire. Without the wire the voltage is fine.

I have cleaned it thoroughly several times with isopropyl and lightly sanded the contact points.

I’m hoping that someone here can help. Thanks!

Edit: I guess in the thumbnails it’s difficult (impossible) to see but without the wire it reads at 4v and with a single piece of wire connecting it reads at 2v.

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