How many cigarettes am I actually smoking?!?

So I went to my local vape shop and asked a bunch of questions. To my surprise, they could not answer one of my questions that I thought was very basic. How many cigarettes am I actually smoking when I vape?

Before I started vaping, I cut down my smoking to about half a pack a day (outside of weekends, when I’m drinking heavily). Now, I vape throughout the whole day, and I don’t really know how many cigarettes it’s actually equivalent to. I could be smoking a pack a day now (in terms of nicotine intake)! I have e-<a href="”>liquids in 6mg and 12mg in several flavors. The bottles that I have range from 10ml to 50ml. Is there a certain formula to know how many cigarettes I’m smoking per ml?

The e-<a href="”>liquids are so dang delicious that I can really go overboard with this stuff :unsure:

Very pleased with the Sentinel Mech Mod!!

Just picked up my new Sentinel [silver/brass] and Trident RBA and LOVING both!

I own 2 Kamry k100s, which are absolutely killer for the price, but the Sentinel definitely steps up the game with silver contacts, super sturdy telescoping [due to the design], sexxy contrast in colors, and super friendly pinky button.

Also pairs excellently with the Trident RBA.

Couple pics with the Trident and IGO-L equipped.

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”” />My

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Hello everyone, :)

I found e-cigarette forum while doing research into e-cigs. Being a long, long time smoker & wanting to quite This site with all the information I discovered saved me from wasting my money on junk e-cigs. Being a newbie I decided on the ego-c and have not regretted my decision. I did more searching while waiting on the ego-c and ran across some great videos on taking the atomizer apart to Hot burn the coil to clean it. Worked great! I have been vaping for 2 weeks and loving it. I think I’ve actually quite smoking lol. Thanks to all of you veterans for sound advice & helping a down hard smoker…..Ex-smoker. 🙂

Looking to Buy First E cig need help advice

Hi Everyone, I quit smoking around 18 months ago but have slowly started to slip over recent weeks/months and am looking for any recommendations for ecigs I am from the U.K. but in Brunei at the moment and can not find any here I have been told buying overseas and shipping in can be troublesome so I am off to Kuala Lumpur this weekend 31/5/2013 and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could find what I am looking for there I know they are available but don’t know where or what to look for I don’t think I want a disposable I want one I can either buy cartridges for or the <a href="”>liquid.

thanks in advance I know I have come to the right place.

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Polish your mod

savage_46 wrote:
I’m bringing my truck over to your place mrcrunch. With as good as your mods turn out, I know you could put a blindingly smooth & bright wax & polish on her <img src="” alt=”8-)” title=”Cool” /> <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

UncleRJ wrote:Now all you need is some of the fancy white cotton butler gloves so you can use your ever so shiney mod without leaving said fingerprints <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

Aren’t those given out once one reaches Elite Vapor status?

If only my vehicles got that kind of attention. I guess I got to buy the gloves then. I got a long way to go.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: good batteries

You have some good batteries coming your way. The only ones I don’t have are the 3400mah panny but I have the 3100mah which are identical and I can get 2 heavy vaping days out of them . The only downside with them came around 3.5v or 3.4v and in all my vv/vw devices you could tell it was getting weak. That isn’t a problem since they last so long until then.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Ran into this one today

Well worse case scenario is if it blows/leaks etc…I’m only out a little shipping to try a new toy <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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