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How can I deal with a company that won’t stop texting me?

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by insidious_plots

Question by Kaila: How can I deal with a company that won’t stop texting me?
There is a company for e -cigarttes or something that CONSTANTLY texts me about buying an e-cig. I have not signed up to any new websites or anything in the past year almost and I made sure that the places I signed up for DID NOT disclose any of my personal information, including my phone number. I am not sure how they got my phone number but they never send their text messages from a number but from an email address.

I’ve tried on three occasions to respond to them. In the first message, I asked them to not text my phone any further because I did not give them authorization to text my phone nor did I ever need an e-cig because I don’t smoke. I never have. The second message I threatened to call a lawyer if they didn’t stop (thinking it would scare them off). They still continued to send messages. The next two times they sent a messages to my phone I sent them a message calmly explaining that I did not and do not authorize them to send me any messages and that I did not smoke, the messages were not appreciated and that if they did not stop I would file a lawsuit for harrassment. (Again, just me trying to scare them off) They sent me a different message offering the same product less than five minutes from the time I sent them that message and now they are bothering me even MORE.

It’s as if they are taunting me on purpose. They used to send the messages every two or three days but since I sent the last message I sent, they’ve sent me messages DAILY and often times two or three times a day. I deal with anxiety issues and for some reason, this really really bothers me. It’s not annoyance, it makes me short of breath and tear up a little and stresses me severely to the point that I can not focus on my work, which leads to several mistakes being made that is taken out of my paycheck.

I just want them to stop. I’m trying to deal with my anxiety issues for now, but it’s really hard when I feel like I’m being taunted for fun and it’s just really really stressful and I have no clue what to do about it or how to make it stop.

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Answer by TicToc….
Sorry but its kind of funny, because
Obama and company keeps following me around on most of the web sites I go to. I know its not a text but its still quite funny. Certain web sites are payed good money to market stuff you don’t want.

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Re: SMOKtech Telescope Stainless Steel for $28.95 – by: trlrtrash13

Got mine in. This mod is very sharp looking in the stainless steel. But here is what really blew me away. In 18350 mode this thing is only slightly longer than the mini lavatube. I’m vaping a 1.5 ohm dual coil tank on it right now and it is vaping like a champ. I’m very impressed. I have a Smok RDA Octopus on the way and an AGA T Plus as well so I can try my hand at building my own stuff for it.

Re: What e juice is the best? – by: Suzie

Check us out at www.e<a href="”> We have a starter kit which includes 2 ego-W’s, case, charger and one of our sample packs. The ego-W is one of the easiest e-cigs to use and it produces a lot of vapor. Also has the pen cap!! Check us out you won’t be sorry you did. We also carry true Dekang e<a href="”>liquid and we carry 25 different flavors from 0mg nicotine to 24mg nicotine.

Genesis Tank problem

To get the best hit I have read that you line up the vent hole in the cap with the wick. Today when I tried to remove the top to add juice the tank top started to unscrew from the bottom. Now it doesn’t work, replaced the wire not the wick and matched it up with my other tank that works just fine. Nothing at all happens when I try and fire it to test coils. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What would be a great tank for my eVic along with my genesis.


CE5 clearomizer e liquid flavors

I was just wondering how well the CE5 holds up to certain e juices. I was reading about some juices cracking tanks,like citrus and cinnamon. Can I use cinnamon ( not atomic or extremely strong, just regular) or cherry limeade in my CE5? Or should I get a different type of tank for those flavors? If so, what kind would you recommend? I don’t know how to rebuild coils so I like tanks that I can just buy replacement coils for.


General Vaping Discussion • Re: I killed it!

The Evod heads work great in the Protank so they will definitely not go to waste if u get one.. I think the average price at the moment is about $17 but I’m sure they’ll drop back down to $14ish soon with a sale.. The Evod heads are better for more than just stiffening up yet airy draw.. They come in many different resistances.. I can use a 1.5ohm head in my Protank on a mechanical mod and get a decent vape.. On a regulated device I prefer a 2.5ohm head.. Even on an ego batt the Protank shines.. It’s definitely a piece of vape gear everyone should consider buying..

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