Re: Damascus steel mechanical mod project – by: Wood Artist

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of communication. I’ve been busting my ass trying to get these finished and out. I’m going to be giving everyone a matching drip tip and some juice as a thank you for being so patient. I realize this has taken far longer than you or I expected and I am sorry for that. I am sure that you will be happy with them when you actually get them. I’m aiming to be able to send them out in 2 weeks

Currently trying to sand through the rest of the grits then buff them.

A little FYI fact on just how much work I have involved in just the body’s and plates of just 170 mods

2,925 cuts made
1400 holes drilled in body’s (not including the holes in the plate stock… that is another 1250 of which 750 had to be tapped)
525 holes tapped in body’s
1,750 sides sanded through each grit totaling 10,500 sides sanded
2,500 edges of the plate stock ground to parallel and symmetry


Electronic Cigarette Reviews on Chargers Usability

Chargers are meant to fulfill the charging need of the cigarette at any time and at any occasion. Like, car chargers are meant to fill the need of charging during travel. So, while you are in your car and travelling and feels the need of having smoke then no need to worry about as car chargers are perfect to be utilized.

The electronic cigarette review shows that chargers of these cigarettes are designed in a way to compete with all of your needs. Either you are at home, office or on the go, they are fit to be used at any place and at any time. Usually, the charges of the cigarette can hold a charge for the whole day if you charge your cigarette at the start of the day. If you forget in a case then there is not even any problem you can charge it while travelling in the car. So, portability feature of these cigarettes makes them distinct in comparison with the real cigarette. You don’t need to be in hassle of keeping packs of cigarette and lighter along. The reason is that charged cigarette only needs a smoke signal via mouthpiece.  

USB style charges are for the home charging of these cigarettes and come along with the purchase of these cigarettes inside the kit. Some of the brands sell starter kits along with different options of batteries and chargers as well. You need to consider the charger and the battery element of the cigarette otherwise you may not get the exact sensation as claimed. They are commonly in a set of USB Charger and USB home adapter. The adapter is plugged into the wall outlet and then to its open port USB charger would be fixed. This set of two helps in charging at any place means not only home but at office and inside car.

Chargers are also present inside the carrying cases accessories commonly accessible now a day.

The notion of “two in one” fits well over here. This means it fulfills two purposes at a time: one is to provide flexibility in handling these cigarettes and second charging can be done with the help of it. Also, these carrying cases are in different styles and designs that can be chosen by the user. This helps in personalizing as well along with its utility.  

Often there rises a question in electronic cigarette review that how these cigarettes are portable when you have to keep carrying cases and the charger along. But the fact is, if once you charge your cigarette it can last up to whole day. Even some of the batteries last even more than that. Keeping cases and the charges inside car is just for in case you forget charging and feels a dire need of smoking. In case of real cigarettes, you need to have your packs of cigarettes and the lighter throughout the day as each time you have to light it up and then get the smoke. So, these chargers are convenient enough to be used at any place and time for smoking electric cigarettes without portability issues.


Adam Carry is the writer of this informative  article about electric cigarette and <a target="_blank" href="”>electronic cigarette review.


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The Incredible Cigarette* That Doesn't Cause Cancer** Has Arrived
Because there hasn't been any research into the long-term effects of inhaling nicotine vapor from an e-cigarette, we can't say for sure that they don't cause cancer. What we can say is that the e-cigarettes are most likely healthier than tobacco …
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The bill would create a tax of five cents per milliliter of vapor <a href="”>liquid in an e-cigarette. It also assesses a tax of five cents per ounce of "tobacco-derived" products, though Kevin Frija, the CEO of Vapor Corp, says his company's products do not …
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e-cigarettes Expanding At Retail
Herzog predicted retailers will see more e-cigarette products and SKUs entering the market as the product technology continues to evolve. “I think things are going to get more crowded,” she said. Pricing has been coming down for electronic tobacco …
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Specialty E-Cigarette Stores Now Offer Fruity Flavored E-Liquid

<img alt="e cigarette stores” src=”” width=”160″ />
by Thirteen Of Clubs

Vaping just became tastier, as e-cigarette manufacturers and stores now supply flavorful e-<a href="”>liquid that vapers can choose from. On top of that, cigarette accessories will also be offered on websites that sell off these types of products.

Many e-cigarette vapers are going to be thrilled to learn that cigarette flavors right now are certainly not restricted to the standard tobacco and menthol flavors. E cigarette enthusiasts now have the option to purchase e-<a href="”>liquid with their e-cigarettes accessories. People that buy e-cigarettes can purchase this product in bars, retail stores, and also online stores that specialize on these kinds of products.

e-cigarettes have become popular at the moment as a result of cigarette smoking bans which are implemented in most states. Bans are enforced in bars, casinos, dining establishments, or at any other enclosed public spaces, rendering it imperative for many who cannot get through the day without getting their nicotine fix to consider smoke-free alternatives. The alternative eventually came in the form of electronic cigarettes, where previous smokers “vape” an e-cigarette.

This smoke-free and odor-free option is a great method for cigarette users to continue “smoking.” This product permits cigarette users to inhale nicotine in its vaporized form by using an e-<a href="”>liquid. Buyers can purchase regular tobacco or menthol flavors. Those who are looking for a specific brand’s flavour, like Marlboro or State Express 555 can purchase these flavors from stores that offer these.

Fans of tobacco can purchase French pipe, and also a Virginia tobacco flavour. Those that desire to deviate from the norm can purchase exotic and fruity flavors like hazelnut, apple, banana, blueberry, and cherry. Strawberry and peach flavors are offered also.

Chocolate, coffee, and cola fans can not only get their caffeine but their nicotine fix too, as these flavors are obtainable from specialty stores in the US. Those that want a hint of liqueur on the e-cigarettes also can purchase an amaretto-flavored e-<a href="”>liquid. Cigarette users may add a hint of sweetness if they vape an e-cigarette with vanilla being one of the best-selling flavors.

Shoppers who buy e-cigarettes also have the option to purchase cigarette accessories. Extras such as a USB passthrough device can be purchased on the internet. Vapers can use this product while using their pcs or laptops. This product may also be used in a vehicle.

For vapers, taking their kits with them on a regular basis is essential. That’s why specialty shops are actually selling adapters and chargers that clients can purchase along with a stylish and protective carrying case.

Those that want to mix e-<a href="”>liquid flavors can do so, as mixer bottles are actually available in retail and online stores where vapers can buy e-cigarettes. These containers are water-proof and now have level markings so customers can control the amount of each flavor that they use.

Those who buy e-cigarettes should not think this as a healthier and safer alternative. These devices still have a specific amount of nicotine, which is still bad for health. On the other hand, the use of e-cigarettes reduces the risk of second-hand smoke, as well as the risks for certain types of cancer. Since cigarettes are heavily taxed, vaping has also become a cheaper replacement for the real thing. Overall, this is an excellent method of getting that nicotine fix without all the ash and odor that cigarette users get when they smoke. 

The author is a consumer of e-cigarettes who knows the perfect sites to buy e cigarette from, and also <a target="_blank" href="<a href="”>liquid“>e-<a href="”>liquid. Smokers who want to know how they can buy e cigarette and e-<a href="”>liquid can take phone sites that specialize in these.

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes For Diabetics

It’s widely known that smoking tobacco cigarettes is obviously a health hazard, but for diabetics who smoke or people of high risk of developing the disease, it’s much worse. However, there are benefits of electronic cigarettes for diabetics.
For a long time doctors knew smoking made diabetes worse, but they were not sure which of the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes were responsible. That is until a Professor did a study that exposed human blood samples to nicotine. The Professor found that nicotine raised the level of hemoglobin A1c (Measure of blood sugar control). The normal A1c level is 4.5 to 6 percent. Studies showed that nicotine caused levels of A1c to rise by as much as 34 percent in a diabetic smoker.
Now that we know that nicotine causes problems with controlling blood sugar levels, lets look further into the risk of serious complications. Researchers have learned that diabetic people who smoke have higher blood sugar levels and their disease is more difficult to control. Complications consist of blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and nerve damage.
Some doctors even warn diabetics from using electronic cigarettes. The reason is, it is considered a nicotine delivery system by means of a mixed solution that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and assorted flavorings. This solution is referred to as E-<a href="”>liquid. However, many do not know that this e-<a href="”>liquid doesn’t always have nicotine. In fact, there are many electronic cigarette users who aren’t addicted nor use nicotine, but still continue to use them. These type of e-cig users or “vapers”, call themselves “No-Nic Vapers” – referred from an electronic cigarette user who uses the same e-<a href="”>liquid as others, but without nicotine.
Cigarettes are not safe for anyone. However, if a person is already smoking, diabetic or not, it is possible that the e-cigarettes are a little safer for them. Yes, they are still getting nicotine, but they are not getting carbon monoxide nor most of the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. While it is better not to smoke at all, if you feel you must, e-cigarettes may be a safer equivalent to cigarettes.
An Electronic Cigarette (e-cig) is a battery-powered device that vaporizes a <a href="”>liquid (E-<a href="”>liquid) solution, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. Typically a smoker would think that the nicotine is the only addiction to a tobacco cigarette, but in reality, it’s a combination of addictive chemicals and actions. There are more than 4,000 chemicals in a tobacco cigarette, and very few, but very addictive and repetitive actions. These actions or smoking cessations are the repetitive inhaling of smoke, holding a cigarette, hand to mouth and many more.
With an e-cigarette the user can simulate the act of smoking, but with or without nicotine. And of course, the e-cigarette user will also be eliminating the other 4,000 harmful chemicals in a tobacco cigarette. The user can continue the repetitiveness of hand to mouth movements, the act of holding a cigarette, along with many other said actions, like inhaling and exhaling smoke (or in this case, vapor).
The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the ability of control when using an e-cig or as some call it “Vaping”. The user has the ability to control the amount of power the device outputs, depending on the type of electronic cigarette being used. In addition, the user can also control the draw and resistance of an atomizer, which in turn can increase or decrease the amount of vapor being produced. With this type of control, the e-cigarette user can continually maintain a level of satisfaction that they’ve once enjoyed with tobacco cigarettes.
The benefits of electronic cigarettes for diabetics is that they can still receive the same amount of satisfaction and enjoyment that they have become accustomed to, but not forced to deal with the same serious risks that come with tobacco cigarettes. Diabetics that once enjoyed this act of smoking can continue, but now with a choice of nicotine or “no-nic”.
Participate In Our Poll
In this Live Poll I would like to know how many current diabetic smokers would like to continue the same amount of satisfaction they receive from smoking, but without the harmful contents of a tobacco cigarette. Maybe these results will encourage diabetic smokers to give electronic cigarettes a try and to show them other diabetic smokers are willing to as well.

Re: and are… – by: Nighthawk8820

Their rules over at e-cigg forum are pretty odd. I have been on there for a few weeks and I have found most users, especially the "Veterans" are super rude and the mods delete everything interesting. I ask questions, and I get 300 views and 2 answers. I also got into trouble for saying I prefer to buy from American vendors, because I think the knock offs from China are poor quality. I got mean messaged to my inbox, harassed on the actual forum for my comments, and now it seems none of the veterans will talk to me or answer my posts. Its like a giant group of senior citizen vapors who are assholes. Can I say that?