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I would imagine they should start popping up at a lot of vendors any day now. I was opened up to buying them last week so I know others get better first dibs than a new guy like me <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> This pyrex that keeps popping up is just awesome!

Oh and Ms. P – the T2s are amazing little clearos. I float between several but I can honestly say my T2s have never let me down and do give a nice vape indeed. One of the best bang for the buck top coil clearos out there in my opinion…so for sure worth a try <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: kanger mini pro tank

UncleRJ wrote:
Ms Puffinstuff wrote:

Thanks Ms. P for finding that!

But that is basically an Evod with a bottom coil.

What I am praying for is a pyrex and SS T2 which holds about 2.4ml and is a top coil unit which delivers a warmer vapor and better flavor IMHO.

I guess I am just one picky S.O.B. <img src="” alt=”:mrgreen:” title=”Mr. Green” />

Hope you get it. Right now Kanger seems all in with the BCC’s, but who knows? I know you love your T2’s. I”ve never tried one, but I have to admit you’ve got me curious about them.

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Re: Go4Smoke – by: admin

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: kanger mini pro tank

Ms Puffinstuff wrote:

Thanks Ms. P for finding that!

But that is basically an Evod with a bottom coil.

What I am praying for is a pyrex and SS T2 which holds about 2.4ml and is a top coil unit which delivers a warmer vapor and better flavor IMHO.

I guess I am just one picky S.O.B. <img src="” alt=”:mrgreen:” title=”Mr. Green” />

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How to Use an Electronic Cigarette?

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by splorp

An electronic cigarette is a device that uses battery power and looks like a real cigarette. Adding vaporized nicotine produces the natural and physical feeling of having a real cigarette in your mouth, but with no real tobacco products added.

This device comes in many different designs such as a real pen and at the same time resembles a real cigarette. This cigar is long lasting due to its reusable devices that have rechargeable and refillable parts. Its usage is quiet easy as long as you follow the instructions.

When you want to use this device, open the box and in it, you will find a blu starter kit that has a blu pack that holds five cartridges and battery chargers. You will also find two blu rechargeable batteries, an atomizer, wall charger, USB charger and a carton of cartridges in flavors you require. Fully charge the batteries and the blu pack before using. You should note that this device has no ON and Off switch. Press the blu on your lips and inhale, if it is working, the blu LED light will glow at the tip like a real cigarette.

You can charge your batteries using a standard wall outlet or the USB port on your computer. When using the wall outlet, plug the charger into the outlet and connect the other end to the bottom of the pack, to show that it is charging, the blue light cord will be on and when it goes off, it will indicate that the pack is charged to the maximum. To charge using a computer, put the battery into the USB charger and plug the charger into the USB port. If well connected, the blue LED light will flash and the USB charger light will turn red, when the light turns blue, the battery is full.

A battery has been designed to provide at least two cartridges of full flavored enjoyment.

Your batteries will be refreshed up to 6 times before you can charge them again. You should know that when using this device, the LED light will flash for about 10 times warning you of overusing your blu and that you should take a break. This does not necessarily mean that you should recharge your battery and neither will it affect its performance.

When using electronic cigarette, each cartridge on average supplies enough nicotine and premium flavor to last for almost 150 puffs. When the cartridge requires replacement, you will notice that it will not produce any vapor. You can replace the cartridge by holding the battery with one hand and pulling off the empty one. Check the atomizer for foil residue, brush it aside gently with your fingers and firmly apply a new and full cartridge, twisting it slightly to ensure it is secure before getting back to your flavoring vapor smoking.

Using Electronic cigarette greatly conserves the environment. This is because this cigarette does not emit the normal smoke but rather vapor smoke, which is not harmful to the environment. Electronic cigarette reviews will help you to know more.

Where To Buy An Electronic Cigarette Kit

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by tripu

The places where you can buy an electronic cigarette are quite numerous. You will find many places stocked with the same and these results to a large number of sellers stocking different types of electric cigarettes. Needless to say, most buyers are in a dilemma as to which shop to buy an electronic cigarette from and most often than not, choose the shops near them. What is crucial is the fact that most people ignore factors that would otherwise assist in coming up with an easier decision as where to buy an electronic cigarette.

Scouting various e-cigarette kits shops
To find electric cigarettes, you may be surprised to find that they’re sold widely, but finding the best ones is where the search comes in. This entails doing a recon visit of the place where e- cigarette kits are stocked, asking shops retailing various electric cigarettes and consequently going ahead to try different products from different vendors. This, however, is a long way and tiresome and can take quite awhile. With time and focused mind, the user is in a position to choose the best of the best electric cigarettes and come up with an informed decision on where to buy an electronic cigarette and as to why certain vendors are not recommendable for sale.

Asking for opinions from other users
Consumers have an intrinsic way of conversing and passing on information crucial to the survival of electric cigarettes market. Some company may underestimate the role played by public opinion to their detriment. Why is this? Many consumers are curious to know what products give the best value for their money. For cigarette consumers, the best e-cigarette kit does not cut it.

It is the satisfaction that comes with the puff of electric cigarettes.
It is crucial to establish good customer relations for the sake of companies and also create a good rapport with other consumers to get the maximum report on the same.

Where can you buy an electronic cigarette kit?
e-cigarette kits are primarily meant to provide everything needed for electric cigarettes, such as e juice, cartridges, and the battery and charger. The cartridges are usually detachable and mostly coated with lucrative designs and awesome promotional literature. It is very crucial to identify the truthfulness in the information painted at the front of the e cigarettes kits. The customer is able to decide from the response where to buy an electronic cigarette. It is crucial to use the available info in the market to decide on the best places to go to for our daily needs.

Go to to find great <a target="_blank" href="”>e-cigarette kits that are affordable and great quality. At, you can <a target="_blank" href="”>buy an electronic cigarette kit right now for under , and you can also find other great <a target="_blank" href="”>electric cigarettes products for fantastic prices as well, such as e-juice and refill cartridges. Visit today to stock up and save!