Hello folks – by: VapingVictor

New to the forum.

I am from Northern Va about 20 miles outside of Washington D.C.

Like many of you I tried vaping to quit smoking and well…. found a new rabbit hole.

I’m here to learn and share like many others. I do own a juice company but am not here to promote it or sell anything.

Pleased to meet you all 🙂

Re: Another ECF refugee – by: trlrtrash13

Lol. This is funny to me. Understandable, but funny. The ECF nazis can’t get you here. I actually have never had a problem with them, but I never go over there either because it is such an uptight place to be. Nothing like that here. We are laid back and we just love to vape and share what we find and learn. Your input will be appreciated and accepted. Welcome aboard.