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Which RBA did you get? I’m new with them myself, but I have a Smok RDA (Octopus), and AGA-T+, and a Terminator C. The AGA-T was the more difficult of the three. It’s just kinda hard to get a good coil on it starting out. I took a new approach of wrapping the Kanthal on a screw then twisting it off of there and just tightening it around the wick which made it much easier.

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Sadly, and apparently, I am against progress in some areas.

Even when it comes to vaping.

While I will still offer to take one for the ECA team, I vastly prefer bacon in it natural form.

Since my doctor seems to frown on me eating anything that taste good (or in this case GREAT) I don’t eat a lot of this most magnificent substance.

However, on occasion, I microwave an entire pound of this food of the gods in a microwave so it drains off all of the fat.

Then I chill it in the fridge, take it out along with some very cold beer and……………..

Forgive the pun……….Pig out!

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I still haven’t faced the lock-out issue for whatever reason, but I have experienced long load times late this afternoon on at least three occasions. <img src="” alt=”:(” title=”Sad” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Anyone else here being booted out of the forum this morn

I’m still getting logged out – am I the unlucky one? Hrmmm… <img src="” alt=”:?” title=”Confused” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: The "I need my vapemail NOW" Thread!

Got my beloved Macaveli back! He even sent me a velvety mod case, O-ring set, insulators, and a new glass tank for it…all for free! He also flush-mounted my button vs. having it recessed like Macs normally are, which is amazing. Much easier to push the button and it still doesn’t fire because of the outer ring on the bottom. And it fires perfectly now. I couldn’t be happier. Mac is a class act. All this was for the price of shipping one-way.

Now I’m waiting on my paycheck so I can order some more damn flavorings. I’m running low on EVERYTHING and I don’t have the money for more. Luckily I have enough juice made to last me, but I’m a bit tired of it all to be honest and want something new. Now to play the waiting game..

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: What are you waiting for in the mail?

MSV8PR wrote:
Sylvie wrote:want the real purple flower ihybrid but, that may never happen so waiting on that plain purple hybrid clone from FT instead..

Where did you find that? have a link? … -cigarette

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New member, experienced vaper

Just wanted to introduce myself as I hope to become a frequent poster in this forum. I began vaping in April of 2011 so I have my share of experience on the subject. I even created an informational website to help people new to electronic cigarettes.

I would like to put a banner with a link to my website in my signature. Anyone that can help me with the code?