Another new one. – by: Zak Rabbit

I’m Zak, currently living in the city of Orange in cali. Heard of this site from another "defecting" from ecf. Been vaping for just about a year, started with the ego, caught the bug and now have stuff from Provari and SvoeMesto, I program cnc machines for a living, what can I say?
I just hope I have something to add to the forum here.

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Re: Whoa! I found a safe space! – by: Zak Rabbit

[quote="Mrs. G" post=3587]Hello everybody!
I’m so glad to have found this forum. It’s hard enough being accepted when I live a "vintage lifestyle" let alone the use of e-cigs. I’m totally new to the vape community and I started to help me kick the nicotine habit. I hate the nicotine but I love the act of smoking. What really does it for me is that once I kick the nicotine, I can still vape. It calms me. I suffer from a condition called CRPS and along with the mind blowing pain comes panic attacks. Smoking often helped with that. This disease has no known cure so I know I will always have the urge to smoke when the flares hit. I’m thrilled to have found vaping. This will keep the nicotine out and still give me the same "cues" that trigger calming when the attacks hit. Loving it! Loving that there are others I can compare notes on and learn from.[/quote]

Gotta admit the "vintage lifestyle" comment really intrigued me, willing to elaborate? I love the "the more the merrier" kind of attitude vapers in general seem to have regardless of creed, status, etc. The fact that you feel safe is probably the best complement you could give this community, glad to meet another "newcomer."

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Re: Hello Vaping brothers and sisters!! – by: Samurai671

I’ve always been interested in the Zmax, but I never got around to find myself buying one. I heard that thing is a beast!
Where do you usually order from? I get most of my <a href="”>liquids from Mr. E-<a href="”>liquid and hardware from smokeanywhereforpennys, but recently been using FastTech for my stuff besides e-<a href="”>liquid.

Re: Re: Another ECF refugee – by: Zak Rabbit

[quote="lksquirrel" post=3604]Yes in a way it is rather humorous and silly. So I’m the operations manager for SmokeStik. We actually helped found ECF…one of the original founding members. Yes we are a cig-a-like but we are nothing like the bad guys….no auto ship, no auto billing, no "free trials" none of that. We are a small family run company that has been in business since ecigs began, But we are reviled at ECF. Of course I am not allowed to post in the new members section and every time a new SmokeStik customer posts there they eat them alive. Making them feel like an idiot for buying "chinese crap". What’s funny about that is these same people just lap up the "chinese crap" at Fasttech….mod builders devote immense time, energy and effort to bring us beautiful works of art…and all these people want is a $29 clone.

uh oh…I’m ranting….HAHAHAHA I actually started out to say how funny it was that I made a post after someone made a friendly sarcastic comment about thinking ECF was the ONLY ecig forum….and asking if there were really others. So I replied by posting a link to VaperSpace….. and the ECF profanity bot deleted it!!! amazing…LOL

Anyway…I’m eagerly awaiting some vapemail. In protest of all the shitty clones now being sold I bought a Bulli Elite from Bulli-Smoker in Germany and a REAL BaGau from an authorized dealer in Spain. Pink Mule…..check them out. They have everything in the world that you can’t find in the USA. And I have bought from them several times with no problems. They are an upstanding company. I’ll start posting in the open forum soon…I just need to figure out how your photo uploading and stuff works. Plus…against my better judgement I ordered an RBA to go along with my BaGua….you will no doubt see me whining for help with that…LOL[/quote]

If you’re not careful LK, you’ll have a whole flock following you over here!

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