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You didn’t mention if you dry burn the coils or not when you clean the "head"…pull the center tube off, remove the filler wicks, rinse under lightly running water, remove as much water as you can then screw just the base/head onto your device and set it to about 3.4 volts. Hit the switch in 5 or 6 second bursts until the coil wick is dry. Continue to do this (only for 3 to 4 second intervals instead) until the coil is glowing red and you can clearly see the individual wraps of the coil. This might need to be done a number of times if the coil is gunked up. Allow it to cool down, give the coil a blow to blow away any burnt gunk dust, then replace the filler wicks and tube. I always use new filler wicks as the old ones will likely fall apart after three or four tanks…this is another cause of gurgling and flooding. Get yourself some 1mm silica for this purpose.

If the coil is gunked up, it doesn’t vaporize efficiently, instead "boiling" the juice in the wick, causing drops to sputter and spit, either into the airtube and/or down into the connector.

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Thought # 1 – I think too many people were getting confused about what exactly a meet was & they had to drop the section.I saw more than a few posts show up in that section for Vape-Bash Vape-Con which classically are indeed vape meets but are now considered vape shows.Adding to the confusion are actual shows by people like Dmitri & Smokie.

I think they should have instead made a section called (In Your Area).
Which could have easily been split in various countries & counties/regions/parish/whatever.
It would have made tons more sense I think.

Thought # 2 – That’s it still exist but is currently hiding from us all going "NANNER NANNER CAN’T FIND ME".

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Zen I would have never thought about that on my own. I went with Sunflower State Vaper’s Club ( Big thanks RC) The page is live now Im trying to do stuff with it. I want to tie it into my vape shop and organize things threw it.

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I’m thinking it could also just be condensation.Which is normal but there are a few tricks I picked that help.

Trick 1 instead of stopping your drag/puff/toot/hit as soon as you release the fire button continue the drag just a tiny bit longer this way all the vapor goes into your mouth instead of a little bit being left behind.

Trick 2 Take a Q-Tip & cut it in half and put both halves in an empty shot glass fuzzy side down on or near your bedside within easy reach.When you’ve taken your last drag/puff/toot/hit of the night place 1 of the halves into the drip-tip of fuzzy side up.
You don’t need to remove your clearomizer/whatever from the device.It works either way.The shaft of the Q-Tips is absorbent and draws moisture out of the drip-tip & air shaft towards the fuzzy head because of capillary action.
Anyhow I included a pic at the very bottom of this post to demonstrate.

If you’re still getting gurgling after using both of these tricks then do the napkin thing that Uncle mentioned.

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Some of that gurgling might be coming from <a href="”>liquid around the threads. Most clearos have the air hole near the threads. If juice gets around there it could possibly cause the gurgling. I really don’t like clearos seeing how they will always leak around the threads. At least with my genesis style atties I know as long as I keep it pointed up it won’t leak.

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Problems With E-Vic

Hi, I’m new to the forum (been lurking a while) and new to vaping. Last week I bought an E-vic and have used it daily. Today, the button on the side that you hold in while you vape started sticking. I have to push it two or three more times to get it unstuck and to stop clocking up the seconds on my drags.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with theirs and what did you do to fix it?? <img src="” style=”vertical-align: middle;” border=”0″ alt=”Huh” title=”Huh” />

Well…..I hate to answer my own post but I worked out the problem. It’s as simple as plugging it back into the computer, my settings were messed up! Thanks anyway….