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V4? Already?? I’m curious about that. Maybe colored screen this time? Anyways, haven’t watched the vid yet, will when I get time. I’ve got a rubber mallet & small dead blow hammer I can try too…its not a big deal, just unsightly

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Yeah, I think that I am gonna let that bad boy cook for a week or two like you suggested. I also got a bourbon flavor from them. There was a lil part of me that wanted a throw back to my days of ordering whiskey and soda. As it was, I was kinda iffy on it. However, I mixed it with a strong tobacco flavored juice.. and found the two to be kinda friendly.. though that gave me insight into what I thought was a godawful juice I got recently. Halo put one out called Southern Classic. I think I know what they were aiming at now.

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Closest I could find on taking it apart.Either mine was stubborn or he made it look easier on getting the top off. Just be careful if you do as to not yank the wires from the solder points like I did the first time <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” />


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UncleRJ wrote:
Ms Puffinstuff wrote:My son had a mullet back then, too. We have pictures.

How much do you think your son will pay for those pictures?

And the negatives as well <img src="” alt=”:twisted:” title=”Twisted Evil” />

That’s what I’m waiting to find out. <img src="” alt=”:twisted:” title=”Twisted Evil” />

Back to the original subject of this thread…it’s not Kanger or an Evod battery, but I am enjoying the hell out of my little spinner from Altsmoke. Really pretty, too. It’s a rainbow finish and looks much better in person than in the picture.

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What type of e-cig should I buy for both cartridges and e-juice?

Question by James: What type of e-cig should I buy for both cartridges and e-juice?
I’m very new to these. I’m interested in getting one that uses e-juice? I was looking at the Greensmartliving one and I can’t tell if I use e-juice with it or if it’s just for those cartridges.
Can anyone help? If I want an e-cig that uses both cartridges and e-juice what exactly am I looking for? Any specific battery type, or threading size? Please let me know. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Lava
When choosing an ecig, remember that you are mostly choosing the battery. The atomizer system is usually adaptable for the tiniest simple cigalikes, the bigger better ecigs, and the super complex mods. So generally a cartridge can be used on anything, but not all batteries are equal. All ecigs use juice, and all have some type of battery, an atomizer, and a system for delivering the juice to the atomizer.

Tiny, cigarette sized batteries are 510 or 808 threads, 510 being somewhat more common. Cigar sized batteries are called ego type, they have two threads, outer ego threads and inner 510 threads. Most large mods (boxes or flashlight sized tubes) that use one large or multiple small batteries have 510 threads.

Cartomizers, the cartidges with an atomizer inside, either come prefilled or empty. Either way, you can refill them with the juice of your choice. Looks like Greensmartliving is a prefilled cartomizer and mini battery kit, but almost certainly you can refill the carts when empty or buy other carts, empty or filled, with the same threading. Generally refilling is far cheaper than buying prefilled cartomizers.

So 510 is a good choice of connection for the atomizer system as it fits most batteries and mods. If the Greensmartliving cig has 510 threads, you could in turn use those carts on other 510 threaded batteries. If you want that kit and want stuff that’s small like a cigarette, it’s not a bad price, plus if you decide later to buy a larger and longer lasting ego battery, assuming those are 510 carts you could still use anything you used on the GSL batteries. If you want more reliable stuff now and don’t need something that feels like a cigarette to hold, get an ego battery rather than the low powered mini.

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savage_46 wrote:
dropped my vamo last week in the driveway (very edge where the grass is….of course). a minor knick in the bottom, no biggie. however, the body bent at the base of the control unit where the permanently attached battery tube is. how do i take the whole thing apart? or anyone have a trick for straightening it out without causing further damage?

BTW, it a v2

There is a way to get into the thing and remove the circuit board if necessary.

And I will try to look for that info for you.

But as far as straightening it out, that may be a lost cause.

Does it still work or is it just cosmetic?

Sometimes you just have to accept a lost cause.

The V4 is coming out if you cannot fix?

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Yourwellness Magazine Investigates Nicotines Role in Smoking Addiction

<img style="float:left;margin: 0 20px 10px 0;" src="” />
London, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 July 2013

On June 5th, the National Institutes for Clinical Excellence (NICE) was the first organisation to ever advise licensed nicotine products, such as patches and gum, for people who smoke. Professor Mike Kelly, Director of Public Health at NICE, commented, This is the first time anywhere in the world that national guidance will endorse cutting down on smoking with the help of licensed nicotine products as a way to help reduce the harm caused by tobacco. Over 79,000 deaths in England each year are due to smoking tobacco, or in other words that’s roughly 1,500 deaths a week from cigarette smoking. These people smoke for the nicotine but die because of the tar in tobacco.

Professor Paul Aveyard, a GP and Professor of Behavioural Medicine at the University of Oxford who helped to develop the guidance, added, Advisors should reassure people that licensed nicotine-containing products are a safe and effective way of reducing the harm from cigarettes, and that nicotine replacement therapy products have been shown in trials to be safe for at least 5 year’s use. There are no circumstances when it is safer to smoke than to use licensed nicotine containing products and experts believe that lifetime use of these products will be considerably less harmful than smoking. (

With this in mind, Yourwellness Magazine explained the nature of smoking addiction, in order to help smokers understand and then quit. According to Yourwellness Magazine, Learning how to stop smoking is like a journey from safe shores into uncharted waters, leaving behind established routines for a profoundly healthier lifestyle. Without a map of the most direct route to help you quit smoking for good you could be struggling unnecessarily.

Yourwellness Magazine noted that many people think that the reason they smoke is to maintain the amount of nicotine in their blood. However, Yourwellness Magazine explained that it has been proven that getting a nicotine fix isnt the driving force behind addiction, but rather smokers need to learn how to control and change their habits if they truly want to learn how to quit smoking for good.

To find out more, visit the gateway to living well at, or read the latest issue online at

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