General Vaping Discussion • Re: The New Passaround Box List & Rules !!!

tiffjamesnjj wrote:
so, i know that there are plenty of lurkers, just wondering has the list changed?
I know that these days for whatever reason I don’t have as much to say lol

Since you mentioned it here is the current full list below.

Mike Majesty

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Kanger ProTank leak

happens all the time…fill er up before it gets that low is the most common response you will get…seems to have something to do with the amount of air pushing down on the <a href="”>liquid inside the tank…
i use really thin fruit <a href="”>liquids and have had that happen to my protank and mini protank…
tank gets low, i notice a flavor reduction, gurgles…remove tank and have a bit of a leak….blow it out , fill it up and call it user error and try not to let it get that low again,,,not an expert by any means but have had the protank, evods and mini protank since they came out and have had the same issues and i dont even take the "extra wicks" out because i use such thin <a href="”>liquids

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Anyone Else Noticing Their Need to Vape Going Down?

i used to need a smoke first thing in the morning, with vaping ive gone thru a half cup of coffee before grabbing a vape.
its usually 2 to 2 1/2 hrs between a vape break, sometimes its an hr or up to 3 hrs before i can get a vape break during the week and i dont have those nervous fits as with smoking. i do seem to get nervous when im down to my last 3 inches of kanthal and ecowool tho!!!!

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Cleaning your tools.

kelliperkins wrote:
I am afraid of using alcohol after what some have said about it being poison. I have used dawn and a rag to clean most things. q-tips with water now and then if I have a leak….I hear vodka is best but wouldn’t it leave a residue also??

Using rubbing alcohol on the outside of the device is fine but never use it to clean wicks or the tank of a clearomizer or anything like that.
Hell sometimes I use those little sanitary moist towelettes (Wet-Naps) to clean the outsides of my devices.

To clear up the whole vodka issue here’s why I prefer it.
Rubbing Alcohol is poisonous but Vodka is not.
Vinegar makes your wicks taste nasty Vodka has no taste.
There are certain products that do the same job like (Atty Refresher or Flavor Eraser) but honestly good cheap vodka works just as well & is way cheaper I recently bought a 1.75 liter bottle for $12.Did I mention you can get cheap vodka anywhere/everywhere.

Well that wraps up the cleaning portion if you need tips on actually polishing a device down to just bare metal I suggest just asking Crunch.

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Vaping a 510 E Cigarette

<img alt="vape e cig" src="” width=”160″ />
by wstryder

Using tobacco is usually a drag nowadays, excuse the pun. Today, many reasons exist for why smoking a cigarette won’t just kill you, but will inconvenience you likewise. With the deadly effects that cigarette smoking might have with a person, there may be numerous things that make this habit quite inconvenient and bothersome. If you’re a smoker, you no doubt know what those inconveniences are. Fortunately, there’s a completely new product around that is definitely proving to turn into a better alternative to a tobacco-based cigarette. They’re electric cigarettes much like the 510 e cigarette, which looks to provide the smoking public with something that’s relatively safer and even more simple to use.

Individuals have been smoking tobacco since the time of ancient Mayas and Aztecs, as smoking was a fundamental element of their religion and culture, based on Frank Robicsek, author of the book Smoke: Ritual Smoking in Central America. Today though, smoking may be a personal practice of numerous people around the world. Everyday millions of people get hold of a pack of their preferred brand cigarettes, put a stick to their mouths, light it up, and receive a puff. With the e-cigarette, including a 510 e cigarette, a person will use a much easier method of getting his nicotine fix.

An e-cigarette is surely an electronic device that intends to change the tobacco cigarette as the way in which people all over the world manage to get their nicotine fix. An e-cigarette the same as the 510 e cigarette performs this through three components: the mouthpiece (cartridge) containing the e-<a href="”>liquid, the heater (atomizer), as well as the battery and electronics.

Smoking an e-cigarette for instance the 510 e cigarette is quite the same as smoking a tobacco cigarette, you put it inside your mouth and get a hit, but instead of lighting the e-cigarette you switch it on while using the electronics and battery; and as opposed to burning tobacco leaves, you evaporate the e-<a href="”>liquid while in the cartridge while using the Joye 510 atomizer.

Smoking an e-cigarette brings unprecedented advantages over smoking regular tobacco.

Firstly, tobacco cigarettes are much more expensive than e-cigarettes, wherein the one thing you’ll need to replace is the e-<a href="”>liquid included in the cartridge and the atomizer for instance the Joye 510 atomizer, which could serve you for a reasonable length of time. Second, when vaping while on an e-cigarette, you won’t need to pollute the earth as you won’t be littering any cigarette butts.

Another significant advantage that the e-cigarette has over the standard tobacco cigarette is that often an e-cigarette doesn’t have as much dangerous substances that your tobacco cigarette has. A tobacco cigarette has a large number of toxic substances which include tar and other harmful carcinogens, in comparison with simply the nicotine and a few other harmless pharmaceutical substances within the e-<a href="”>liquid.

So if you’re fed up with the irritations and inconveniences that accompany smoking smelly cigarettes, then just get yourself some e-cigarettes, which will make sure you get your nicotine fix while in the fastest way possible.

Edel is a regular e-cigarette vaper who suggests all her smoker friends to switch to using products like e-cigs and <a target="_blank" href="”>joye 510.