Q&A: what is the best way to charge a li-ion battery?

Question by Chase: what is the best way to charge a li-ion battery?
I am wondering if it is better to charge a lithium ion battery for cell phones, e-cigs, and stuff like that directly from the wall, surge protector, or an extension cord. I want to maximize my battery life with my devices and be sure I am charging them appropriately. Thank you in advance…
@Magy thanks but that doesn’t really answer my question… It’s pertaining toward my iphone and V2 e-cig which both have chargers they come with. Do the chargers regulate the charge current so the battery does not fry? Is it better to plug directly into the wall or not?

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Answer by Magy
li-ion cells have their own circuits, but it’s used only for protection in case of short circuit or over charging. (in both case cell could explode and/or burn)
li-ion battery have 3.7V per cell, which is nominal. fully charged is 4.2V. below 2.7V is considered as permanent damage of battery due too low voltage. under this voltage began changes on chemical level, what cause permanent damage of cell.
also in case higher voltage than 4.2V. for this reason there is protection circuit (or at least should be), but this circuit is not omnipotent.
common li-ion cell can be charged by 1/10-3/10C current without worried about lifetime or condition.
1/10C charge current mean, if your battery have capacity 1500mA, current is 150mA. And again, max. voltage is 4.2V.
While cell become more and more charged, it’s resistance raise and charging current dropping. that’s why charging last 20% can take more time, than previous 80%.
Sometimes is possible charge battery with 1C or more, but in that case cell have to be maded for such charging current, MUST be watched for temperature and cooled down.
on ebay you can buy charger for li-ion batteries.
they have 3.7V (or multiple of this amount – 7.4, 14.8…) as nominal voltage and 4.2V (or multiple of that) as max. charging voltage.
DO NOT USE USB source for charging!!! It have 5V and that’s too much. You will only destroy battery and probably something else.

maximize lifetime – try to not discharge battery more than 20-30% of capacity. anything above is considered as one cycle and li-ion batteries have limited cycle lifetime. (200-500 depend of model).
also is good to store unused battery in dry cold environment and not charged to 100%. better is to keep around 85%, which is level of inner ballance.

I checked V2 e-cig and research some information about bundled charger.
it’s common wall charger with usb output. there is nothig special about it.
the key part is bundled usb cable with built-in controlling logic circuits and special connector for e-cig. in this case, there is no important wall charger itself, but exactly that cable with usb connector on one end and special connector for e-cig on another end. you can plug it to any USB port, logic components inside cable will manage maximum current for charging e-cig.
so answer for your question is: don’t worry, you’ll not fry your battery, whatever you use bundled wall charger or plug cord to computer usb port. only important thing is do not use different cable for charging e-cig than bundled. that’s all.
iphone have sophisticated charging logics and circuits inside itself, so there is no matter, what usb port you’ll use or what cable. while it have proper designed connector on cable, iphone itself will manage maximum current for charging.
hope it will help. <img src="http://ecigfortmyers.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/7f1fa17d0a_icon-wink.gif” alt=”;)” class=”wp-smiley” />

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Re: New to Vaping, Wasting $ on Halo? – by: Cyndih70

Ok let me preface my response with I’ve been vaping for 2 months. However, what I can tell you is this much I have a Joyetech ego-C upgrade that I LOVE! battery life is great. I also have 2 iTaste VV/VW v3’s. I use Kanger protanks or AnyVape Davide glassomizers and you wouldn’t be able to pry them from my hands. If you’re a heavy vaper, the nice thing about the iTaste is the ability to plug in and still is it. Awesome feature. Hope my humble opinion helps you some. I can point you in the direction to get a good deal as well.

New to Vaping, Wasting $ on Halo? – by: sbappe

Hey everyone. I’m pretty darn new to vaping. I first tried a product a few years ago that is now called Nicstick. I only lasted a month with that before it got put away and started collecting dust. Now, I have been using Halo for about a month. I feel like I am wasting money with Halo though. I would love their products.. if only they would work. I have gone through 2 G6 batteries in short order, had a Titan VV not work straight out of the box, and now I am getting about 1 in 6 clearomizers not working right out of the box and another 2 of the 6 not lasting long at all.

I have been trying to do a lot of research and find one that I can be happy with for the long run but I am so undecided. What makes it worse is I did a lot of research before trying Halo and thought they’d be a great brand to build my loyalty with but I can not even receive a reply back from customer service. Money down the toilet, especially on that Triton VV. I ordered another Triton VV and if that fails on me at all in short order, I am definitely done with Halo (except for their juices).
I have been really close to ordering from Volcano but I also keep seeing a lot of good things about Joytech. I am really wanting something with a large tank and battery because I vape heavily throughout the day. Any advice and suggested are needed. Thanks!

General Vaping Discussion • Re: Ego Bat to E VIC: Got Lucky

more e vic reflections…
have played around with the VV and VW…seems w/my 2ohm the 4.0 and 7.9 watts works best.

i have to admit, the flavor isn’t as good…clearly a more powerful device with tons of bells and whistles,
but my apple jax isn’t popping like it used to. i have had slight dry hits…i am keeping it between 3.8-4.2 v
I am all about throat hit and flavor.

i dont know the tank, but it has a twisty tip…the guy who gave it to me loved it over the T3. I want to get
some of those extensions and try my T3 on this thing.

interesting observation…all the guys that work at this shop (young) all vape FAST…draw in quick release, repeat 3-5x
I go for long draws…deeper throat hit and release.

Thots on this?

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