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Hi im Jon, I was a pack a day smoker for 6 years until the day that I discovered e cigs! I started out with the eversmoke cig look a like starter kit and used those for about 6 months i stopped using analogs right away as I loved vaping! I started to realize i never knew what to expect ordering the prefilled cartridges. Thats when i discovered an ego about two months ago and never looked back its such a huge hobby of mine now. At this time i have 47 different bottles of juice a vamo v2, itaste vv v3 and itaste mvp with many more to come 🙂

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When factoring cost savings, people often refer to a "break even" point with vaping but only factor the cost of the cigarettes they are not smoking. Why is it that folks do not think of the clothes that have gotten burn holes or the damage to car interiors that effect the value or the cost of laundering/replacing furnishings, curtains having to paint over tar stained walls etc.? Less co-pays for doctors visits due to being sick less? I always like to mention future health care costs due to smoking related ailments though admittedly that one is difficult to estimate.
All of those plus some I am forgetting are all related to the cost of smoking in addition to the price per pack.

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