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kelliperkins wrote:
Want some of my wing vape to get through the day. Be good with your dill pickle vape lmbo <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” /> <img src="” alt=”:twisted:” title=”Twisted Evil” />

is that a nice way of being cruel <img src="” alt=”:?” title=”Confused” /> <img src="” alt=”:mrgreen:” title=”Mr. Green” /> ..

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UncleRJ wrote:
Here is a link to the meter I use.

It is pretty darn accurate and also has another function that give you an indication on how many years you are adding to your life by quitting tobacco.

Mine says I have saved almost $900 since I stopped. And I was smoking those Gawd Awful little cigars that sold for $1 a pack over a year ago. I really should check to see if the prices have gone up!

nice next milestone is saved $600 …yaaaa <img src="” alt=”:D” title=”Very Happy” />

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Sylvie wrote:
well heck how did i miss this whole thread from days ago!!

enjoyed watching the whole long video!!
wonder if we can get a custom drip tip for this thing and purple duckie tape..
i already foresee that we will be seeing some new vaper videos trying this thing out lol

if you look really good there more than 1 out there

don’t mind me ..i like the bazaar and funny

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Politics of E cig forums…. – by: Reinere

Hello, My name is Ken.

I run a pretty decent e-cig store online (That I won’t name for reasons I am about to explain). Now I’m not very savvy when it comes to forums. A friend of mine turned me on to them to get in touch with customers. I thought "Oh great idea!" and punched some letters in google.

The first forum that came up was ecf. I registered and sent an application in as was requested. I had already started a thread which was a general question thread in the new members section titled (What do you like to see when you shop online?) pretty straight forward right?

Now, I try to think of the vaping community as a united whole. But my confidence in that was quickly dashed as I was banned for (Advertising) I don’t understand how that works because I never even mentioned my company name, or web address. I was just trying to reach out to other vapors for opinions.

Needless to say I was less than impressed with that place. I can understand rules against advertising. But jesus, asking a question is a bannable offense as well?

So I found this place.

So maybe I can ask my question now.

What do you guys like to see in a online e-cig shop?

What do you think is more important? Quality or Value?

General Vaping Discussion • Re: EVOD vs Protank II

I personally don’t like any clearo style tank. In my limited experience with clearos most if not all have leaked(mostly around the 510 connector where the air hole is). Now with that said I have been hearing a lot of good about the protank 2. All that matters is if it works for you. Please keep us posted on any problems or lack of problems you have with them. Who knows if I keep hearing good think I may have to pick one up just to see what everyone is talking aboig

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: EVOD vs Protank II

I’m loving my Protank II. Only had it a week, but it has performed very well. I found that with the stock head I was only able to go to about 8 watts to prevent a burnt taste. After a week solid, the head started tasting burnt. I removed it and washed it, did a dry burn, but it still tasted bad.

Tonight I decided that rather than replace the head, I would rebuild it. It was super easy to do, easier than just about anything other than my RDA. Wound a 1.7 ohm, 30 gauge micro-coil, using cotton for wicking. Put it all back together, started on 5 watts, and worked up from there. Right now i’m vaping at 8 watts, and the performance is GREAT.

So far, this thing has not leaked. I like the glass tank; it is definitely sturdier than I expected. And, when replacement glass tubes are more commonly stocked, I will order different colors.

For the 20 dollars it cost, I consider it worth every penny. With performance like this and the ease in rebuilding, it earns a 5 star rating.

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I don’t have a PT2, but I have the original one. I don’t use it on a regular ego because it is so big. I’ve found it fits and works fine on the Easy Evic, which is really just an ego/mod type thing, so that’s where it mostly goes. It and the mini protank are great for tank cracking juices, but all in all I prefer the T3s both full sized and mini. Right now I’m enjoying these evod-c’s (not a Kanger product) that I got at I’ve learned that they can take the t3s heads and the draw is perfect for me. I just ordered a couple more of them and a couple of these other ones they have there that look almost the same but are by Greensound and called GS H2. Not sure what kind of heads they’ll take, but I got a couple just to find out. Out of all the excellent Kanger BCC’s, I think the Evods are my least favorite. Nothing wrong with the way they work, but I find filling them to be more of a pain than the others and the little windows are hard to see through for me.

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General Vaping Discussion • EVOD vs Protank II

So I just bought a protank 2. I know I paid more in store than I would have online…but I am all about supporting our local vape shop so thats that. Just curious about what you guys think of the protank 2. I love it so far, I loved my EVOD’s too but I did have qualms about the leakage problems and the difficulty getting the base off the tank piece. My only qualm so far with the protank 2 is the size on my ego c twist. LOL its more about the fact that it looks kind of stupid, even with the cone its HUGE on the top. I’ve heard some things about the base breaking off because of its size and top heavy nature…but with the cone I feel like its pretty rock solid. Any problems I should know about with the protank 2’s?

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