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Richard H wrote:
Dragonxv wrote:I think someone needs to do a comparison chart,between the money you save on E cigarettes, and the money you spent on analogues
but unfortunately with all the new goodies and gadgets out there… It makes me wonder if I’m spending more on the gadgets and juice then I was on cigarettes initially… <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” />

Well, initially getting into vaping, i KNOW i spent more in a month than my tobacco budget used to be. BUT, I have no plans to buy a gadget this month, and i have enough e-<a href="”>liquid samples I could vape all month without ordering more (although I probably won’t resist putting in an order for a few large bottles of some <a href="”>liquids I like). So, overall, i am saving money with only 2 months of my budget. I didn’t say that very well, but I hope you got it. <img src="” alt=”:?:” title=”Question” />

you said that just fine I understand what you mean yes I only have a couple months under my belt too and it makes me wonder free samples where did I miss the gravy train

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