Come in and check out the best wholesale price from original E-cigarette manufacturer

Hi, every e-cigarette fans there
Here is leo from Jecintta Tech, your original e-cigarette manufacturer and exporter.
Here I list some price of e-cigarettes for wholesale, more info will be given after your PM.
E-shisha for wholesale: 1-2usd/pc
E-pipe for wholesale: 21-26usd/pc
ego-CE4/CE5 blister kits: 4-4.5usd/pc
ego-CE4/CE5 double kits: 9-11usd/pc

<img src="” border=”0″ alt=”.pdf” />  <a href="″ target=”_blank”>Jecintta E-shisha price list en.pdf (Size: 150.54 KB / Downloads: 0)

The Eyebox Box Mod – by: trlrtrash13

Here is the Eyebox available at [URL="http://smokeyandthe​​s/intermediate/item/the-eyebox​-by-nic-balz.html"]Nic Balz group on facebook here[/URL].

Price: $60 (included shipping)
Shipping time: 2 days
battery size: 18650

This is a box mod with no frills in the components but plenty of frills in the design and looks. It vapes at your battery power but it is not mechanical. Here is the video review.









Flavor Wicks Scorching???

Hey all, quick question. I just started trying the Kanger ProTank 2. After every couple of tanks of juice, I go to clean it and dry burn the coil. When I take it apart, I notice that the flavor wicks are burnt. What could I be doing wrong? I keep it vertical during vaping, so I’m not sure if I am just taking draws from it that are too long or that I’m not giving it the time it needs to re-wick after each draw? I vape Boba’s (nearly 100% VG), so maybe I should be cleaning/dry burning after every tank? I’m using 2.2 ohm heads and vape at 6.5 – or 7.0 watts (if that is helpful information). Help. Thanks.

keerqingtech is the best e- cig

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APV e-cigarette only $35
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