General Vaping Discussion • Re: Mod advice

you will need a few 510 threaded connectors with or without ego threads …your choice
you will need washers to fit the flashlight diameter and to also fit the 510 connector
you will need an insulator material for your top battery connection
you will need a modified bottom connector you make yourself…washers, springs, pins ,insulator
the flashlight switch may not be able to take the abuse so you may need a few switches and contacts
do you want purely mechanical or are a few wires acceptable
vv/vvw….14xxx (14 to 17mm diameter body)…18xxx (18 to 22mm diameter body
a box type mod is wayyyyy easier to manage than a tube
do you solder, can you precision route / turn…how steady a hand you got with a dremel ?? the sleeve material inside the battery tube might need a few channels
the tube mod will run you about $90 in materials not including the machining tools of your choice, solder station and silver solder
the box mod about the same up to and beyond $300 depending on materials , size and what you want it to do…
there are complete plans and materials lists on the internet and utube…use them as a guide and not as the be all end all this is the only way… use your imagination, customize the build for what you want from it and how you want it to perform and dont skimp on safety features

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