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Awesome ty very informative so basically the ohms law calculator would be used really for mech users for the higher wattage settings as an estimate and really is not needed for the vv/vw mods. Just when you think you are finally getting things you learn that there is always way more to learn and you guys have been awesome.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: Making a coil for the protank you tube video

That would depend upon the battery you’re using and the current output capability of the SVD. Most VV/VW mods are typically limited to a 5 amp output (some, like the current ProVari, even less) regardless of voltage/load. Also, keep in mind that even though the PWM cicuitry can generate a higher voltage from a set voltage battery, it has limitations in its ability to do so.

I know, for instance, that the VAMO, using a 1.5ohm coil, will never put out more than 4.2 volts regardless of the voltage or power setting; at that low of a resistance, that’s all it can get from the battery. I would imagine that the SVD uses a similar chipset. So while you may have it set for 5 v, it’s probably only putting out 4.2 or so with a fully charged battery into that 1.3 ohm coil, meaning a power output of about 13.5 watts. In other words, if your vv/vw mod is capable of a max power of 15 watts, it will never put out more than that regardless of whether or not you’re in voltage or power mode.

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